Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 coming to a close...

These last few days of this year,I want to spend times with friends,family,and making lists of new things to do.This past year I have met sooo many goals that I made for myself...Im a little in shock and numb to this fact.I told Kevin the other day that for the first time in a long time I am actually proud of MYSELF.I still have tons more I want to do,but I have the confidence now to pursue lots of dreams.Being a young mom I sometimes feel that I put a lot of my dreams and goals aside to REALLY try my best at being a mom. I feel that I have for sure proven myself to be an ok mom (I dunno for the real scoop ask Zoe and Amelie) I feel that at times I have lost myself,in the shuffle,this can be looked at,as both good and bad...I lost lots of bad habits (smoking clove cigarettes, not caring about other peoples feeling all in the name of being a "cool scene kid" ,wasting money on body modifications and random clothes and gadgets (although Kev and I still plan on getting more tattoos ) I dont feel the need to be so reckless with my decisions any more. One thing I do regret about things is that I seem to try to always fit into a "mold" of what those around me wish for me to be...I plan in the new year to just be me...I want to spend more time with my awesome friends that sometimes I dont even talk to for months at a time because im too"busy".....um....no ....not acceptable ANYMORE!!! To kick things off Im in the process of planning a weekend in the moutains with a few of my close friends,no kids no hubbies,just my friends and me...Im excited about this endeavor.Im also itching to do lots more traveling and this shall be a plan of mine in the new year as well.mostly I want to finsih school,create,live,and be happy..what are YOUR new years goals?!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Bliss...

we are still busy. family is visiting. but this picture sums up or mood right now...<3
hope all is well with everyone else be back soon!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

I hope all my readers have a WONDERFUL Christmas ,full of love,joy,surprises, magic,gifts,and of course lots of baked goods!!!

Our little family loves all the glitz and whimsy of Christmas but one thing we try to focus on throughout the season is the reason for Christmas,the birth of whee baby Jesus,we will indeed read this story tonight before bed

(along with "Twas the Night Before Christmas" :) I am truly happy to know such joy. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!! Now...I have more brownies to bake!

adrienne K.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas cupcakes anyone?!

I made some cupcakes to relax my crazy mind today...

I colored some of the cupcake batter red to make red and white "candy cane cakes"

Then I frosted them and added crushed peppermints to the top...

I think we will leave some of these for santa instead of cookies this year ;)
cupcakes anyone?!

In Little A.korn Designs news, I got a very unexpected call today from The Neely House asking that I keep my booth for 2010 at a very special rate...I am OVER.THE.MOON with excitement God just keeps blessing my creative endeavors ,even if I really don't feel like I deserve so much...? I am truly thankful and feel so very blessed and excited for new things to come.

todays to do list includes:
*making cotton ball snowmen
*making salt dough ornaments
*wrapping the last of the gifts
*baking homemade brownies

I hope you are all having a very wonderful Holiday season,and I hope Christmas eve finds you joyus and happy.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

NEW from Little A.korn Designs!!!!!

I have been working on a few new things for Big girls for my little company....
my FAVE new headbands!!!!

I am STILL wearing this one!! I LOVE it!!! I have a whole lot more head band styles in mind and am busy at work making some more :)

I also have these little wrist cuffs.Complete with adorable vintage buttons!

So fun!

Most of my new items are made with all vintage fabric and nice wool felt,and vintage buttons.My head is full of SO many ideas for my whee little company in the new year..in hopes that it won't so whee anymore;)
Oh creativity you are my dearest friend <3

Stick around my little blog folks! I will have a new way for all my bloggy buddies to FINALLY purchase some of their own Little A.korn treasures....

toys....and other random things....

I am officially done with all Zoe and Amelie's Christmas toy shopping :) *cheers* I went to toys r us last night at 10 o'clock..crazy!!! i know insane-o right?! Well not really,it wasnt crowded like I thought it would be.So they have lots of new shiny toys to play with and Im sure they will be happy little campers with all their christmas loot.

Anyhoo,I thought i was getting sick earlier,I feel a bit better but then again I may just be kidding myself?! I still have a bit more to do for other peoples gifts,and I have to finish 2 orders,one tonight for bows,and one Monday for a tu tu order I just got today.(YAY) I am also trying to get some ideas together for Amelie's second Birthday party which is in like 3 weeks!!!!! yikes!! ok i hope everyone is having a happy weekend! Im done with my rambles :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

i LOVE this commercial!!!

I know all about the blogeshere people are upset, but then some people aren't, about this commercial but i looove it ! i think its the cutest!!! i want to go out and buy zoe and amelie a cute little gap kids outfits now!

what do you think about it!?

simple yummy fun...

hot cocoa is THE BEST!!! I really wonder how many cups we have consumed this holiday season?!?!?

We put warm milk in our hot cocoa (not hot water) I think it just tastes a million times better :)
And of course ya gotta have candy canes in the cocoa to stir <3

oh Christmas I will miss you when you are all gone :(

Im still running around getting last minute gifts finished up.The other day I got my second check from my booth at the neely houe ,oh what a pleasant happy surprise!! I have a few orders to finish for a lady a church, and some to give to my mom to take to her work, and hopefully Ill get a tu tu order or two in soon before Christmas comes... Other than that Im just running around like a wild woman of Christmas :) oh and I got an A in my class whoop whoop :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

princess power!!

Sunday after church Zoe,Amelie,my mom,my aunt,kevins mom, and I,all went to see "The Princess and the Frog"

I was very thrilled about this movie when I heard about it at the beginning of the year...or maybe even at the end of last year!!! (I think I saw a preview for it while watching a "Sleeping Beauty" DVD with Zoe (see we really like princesses around here!!) (we don't let the girls wear all the clothes and what not but we do love a good Disney DVD) :)

A Disney princess that looks like me!!wowweee!!!

When I was little to be honest, I never thought much about the fact that there were no African American Disney princesses?! I dunno I just liked the movies and my parents lovingly took me to almost all of them.I can specifically remember being a little girl living in Oakland and my parents driving to two movies theaters in Berkeley,CA to make sure I saw "The Little Mermaid" the day it came out in theaters. I can also remember racing around our apartment singing "just like ariel" at the top of my lungs each day afterward for about a month! ha (sorry mom and dad)

SO , I was not happy to take Zoe and Amelie to this movie just because the princess kinda looked like their mommy when she was all dressed up in pageants and her debutante ball(yes yes i was all that stuff in high school...lol...dont get me started) :) BUT I was happy to take them to see their very first Princess movie(Amelie's fist movie period) and to let them know that all little girls no matter what color, race,religion,creed,ability ,background,etc, IS a princess :) I am very happy that all the women (that live in our town) in our family and that are a daily part of Zoe and Amelie's lives, were able to come to the movie with us too(because they too were princesses when they were little.:)

Now Zoe keeps telling me that "I am princess Tiana and Amelie is the froooooog"...hmmm not quite but she is indeed acting out the movie each day which I find amusing:) So,if you havent seen this little movie GO SEE IT! It's so adorable and by the end you see no color no race all you see is happiness,beauty,and love...the way things should always be any way...YAWN...goodnight ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

happy piles of Christmas...picture post...

I know I had the other post about stuff piled up in the craft area all messy and such,but yesterday I looked around,and there were little happy pies of Christmas everywhere...hope these pictures inspire some Holiday cheer in you <3

yay happy piles of Christmas...oh how you are ruling my life right now,but making it oh so happy :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more awesome music....

murder city devils..."press gang" jeez so good...i miss good shows like this....yawn...

whee little candied home...

Saturday, we decorated our second ever ginger bread house!! Last year only Zoe and I did it,this year it was a family affair! Which meant Amelie eating more than she put on and taking the icing bag and squeezing it onto the floor...hmm...any way....
Gotta have a ton of candy (for eating and of course decorating too ha!)

Here we go...

Ack mass candy craziness!! (well not really but sheesh i get overwhelmed with stuff like this sometimes haha)

Everyone trying to help...

The finished product!!!
(is it weird that I think it looks yucky?!?!)

Well,things haven't been merry around here since last night,lots of drama,some tears,but joy does indeed come in the morning,as Zoe had her first ever school Christmas program :) I couldn't be a grump seeing all the little kids up on stage singing their whee little hearts out :)We have a kinder music party Thursday,then Zoe's friend Olivia is having a cookie party next Wednesday.After that I don't think we(the girls) have any more activities. I need to get on making some gifts and wrapping up a few.Thsoi semesters grades get posted Friday!!squeee!!! Im sure I have an A but we shall see!! I suppose that is all for now!
Have a good day! <3

Monday, December 14, 2009

(kitchen wall)

I spent and hour and a half hand dipping pretzels into white chocolate and milk chocolate, then putting red and green sprinkle sugar on them...I think I deserve to eat a few :)

g' night, I will be up a while I have much more crafting to do....too much of a good thing....nah....never :)

oh and by the way,i did clean my little crafty space its happy again!!!

my 100th post!!! messy craft space...sounds about right

Ok so EVERY year at christmas time,my little craft space goes from cute and quaint to godzilla land!!!! AHHHH!
example #1:

an over all view of the chaos (and zoe) ...really?!?!what the heck is going on here?!?!? random presents laying about,wrapping paper ready to attack..NO space what so ever to put anything else(but im sure I will pile something up there !!!) Tu tu and bow orders hung sloppily on the inspiration bunting....good grief...but wait!! There's MORE!!!
example #2:

REALLY?!?!? wreath makign supplies on the floor,and open empty ginger bread kit house (that Zoe and Amelie decided to put some sort of stickers in) tulle in a bag,wrapping paper craziness,foot stool from the living room because there is no room no that there is a huge christmas tree in its place....good grief!!
I will attempt to clean this space up a bit today,and start making some Christmas presents,a tu tu , and the center pieces for Zoe's party tomorrow....ugh!!! I remember last year on Christmas day,we were talking to Kevins grandmother on the phone ,she said something that could only touch a crafters heart, "oh I remember when the boys were young our house looked like a factory from Halloween until Christmas , with all the projects i was working on!" ....le sigh, a woman after my own heart!!! Seriously, we ALL know that right?!? It's SOOO true! After she told me that I felt a lovely crafter connection with her!!
and lastly example # 3:

hot glue sticks,bows ready for clips that i STILL need to give to my mom to take to work,and no those tiny little scissors or not mine,yes thats right they belong to zoe,she decided to hide them there from amelie!? seriously this mess is out of control....good bye! i need to go tidy up...and make another crafty mess ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

sunny day...real estate

some music for you

seriously if youve never listened to sunny day before,if youve never heard of (real) emo... listen to this song,if your heart is not moved then well i just dont know....this is one of my favorite songs ...ever <3
(however who ever put this video on you tube mis named it ?! it is simply called "the blankets were the stairs" ;)

fun forts part 2...

Im sure you all remember our HAPPY TABLE FORT!!!Well we got a little fort happy again last night and I fell asleep with Zoe and Amelie (after lots of giggles, books,shadow puppets,and more fun) in this:

Oh my it was great fun!!!

We did get to read "The Snowy Day" like we planned.

And while we were inside playing....

Two magical creatures (and a snowman light) kept guard of the fort door!!!

Ya know,just incase we got scared!!!!

But I must say,there is only one word to describe our new bed fort...

yep Happy!!!
It's still up (and Im sure it will stay up for awhile!!(I have visions of waiting for Santa in this fort on Christmas eve night!!(all 4 of us! ha!) And of course we will need more decorations!! But tonight I have to make a tu tu and tomorrow I will be finishing center pieces for Zoe's school party and making food for it as well,then after all that(or in between,i think the girls and I will hide away from the bitter cold,and the outside world in our happy little bed fort :)
Besides kickin' it in our awesome fort, we have had a very busy and very BLESSED weekend,lots of memories for sure,i will be back tomorrow with more updates:)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


oh my gosh it is SO cold...and i think it is sleeting out!!!eeek!!

this has been my attire for the last few days:my mom's vintage grey hat,some sort of scarf (the colorful one is also my mom's vintage) ;) (thanks mom!!) various coats,and boots...and still FREEZING whenever i venture out!!!
I am so very in love with scarves now! and tying them all kinds of wild ways!!

We just got done decorating a happy little gingerbread house. Later I think we will read this gem:

before the girls go to bed!

even with all the bitter cold there are so many things to warm the heart and soul <3
i hope everyone is having a happy WARM weekend!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

introducing miss talula whooo!!

I wanted to make a little friend this morning...

Introducing...Miss Talula Who...

Then she needed a whee little owl tu tu...with lots of fluffy tulle :)

yay!! such a happy little woodland friend!!