Monday, January 17, 2011

A Trip to the old country store

There's a local tourist attraction we go to every now and then simply for their kick ass southern food buffet.So when my parents invited us to eat the breakfast buffet there this morning we were all game to go. The tourist attraction I am referring to is Casey Jones railroad museum and Old Country store. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I looked around the gift shop. There were tons of things I wanted to buy right then and there!
Here's a few pics of all the goodies I spied while there.Enjoy!


I want him in my house!!!

mmmm honey sticks!!

Lollipop row!

Manicure sets in a cupcake case!

Pretty purses.

Neat magnets. Oh look it's little shirley temple!

Kevin found this really neat odd looking record player contraption (it was ONLY $5999!!!

Old school fedoras. I really want to get Kevin one(maybe for valentine's day?)

This fellow had a hair dress made of feather lollipops!! I want one!!

This pretty lady was outside. Isn't her headband neat?
Ok that's all the eye candy I got today! Hope you enjoyed!

A-Thrifting I will go

Ever since I was in 7th grade, I have been in love with thrift stores,antique stores,and vintage stores.The idea of getting some of the neatest stuff for a sometimes super low price was very appealing for me in my young age,and the older I got, the more the thrill of the hunt amongst all the "old" stuff delighted me. As a thrift shopper I have gone through different "phases" When I first began vintage shopping I like to get old floral sixties dresses (looking back these were truly ugly frocs) an I thank my dear mother for allowing me to go browse trough racks and racks of these neon colored dreamy dresses,and even further,allowing me to wear them to middle school each day! I later fell in love with men plaid pants,I have always been a short,small in stature girl, so I would have to cut the hems off the [ants and rock them with airwalks and band tees.(this was my 9th grade look) Then I moved onto silly tiiight vintage tees,antique bubble gum machines,purses,etc etc. I am now in love with thrift store unicorns,owls,shoes,glasses,etc. I thought I wold share a few of my latest thrift store scores with you guys!

I literally squeeling in the middle of the aisle when i saw this cute little unicorn :) And it was a whooping 50 cents!!!

I got these cute little flats for $3.99 and I plan to wear them in Valentine's day.

These boots were a score from today,and they like the kick ass unicorn were another item that made me squeel in the middle of the aisle!

I also got this cute little owl today.There was a second one,but I left it for another shopper to bring home:)
I would LIVE to be able to go thrifting EVERYDAY but realistically I am able to go about once or twice a week.I don't always find anything, but the thrill of the hunt is what I really like! Another cool thing about the goodwill here is that I get a 10% student discount! Which, on 50% off days makes me get some stuff for practically FREE!!! Do you guys go to thrift stores? Or do you like to do online vintage shopping? What are some of your favorite sites or thrift store scores?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

are YOU a Barbie girl?!

So when I was pregnant with Zoe, Kevin and I swore she would never play with Barbies.When I was a little girl I played with Barbies,tons of them.I never got any weird complexes, because of Barbies ill proportioned body,but when I was pregnant with lil' Zoe bear, the idea of her playing with such a prim and proper prissy doll seemed...stupid.

Fast forward,two kids later,and a trip to my mom's house one day two summers ago...this is what our living room floor looks like most days...

Covered in plastic some clothed some un-clothed ...barbies! I'm not really even upset about the fact that the girls play with these dolls,to tell the truth they spend more time coloring and painting or making up things to play than they actually spend playing with barbies.

And in all actuality, it's not as bad as my 21 year old self thought it would be.

And I must admit,I do like playing barbies with them...but shh don't tell my angsty teenage self that!
What about you mom's and dad's? Do you let your daughters (or sons) play with Barbies? Are you in fear of them becoming..."Barbie Girls"?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

We live in Tennessee;it snows here,but not that much.So when the weather people say there's going to be snow,there's usually a mass panic of Tennesseans running to the grocery store in search of milk,eggs,and bread.I've never quite understood the logic in these three "essential" items...I mean when I'm at home I dont say "mmm I sure could go for a yummy cup of milk and a egg... sandwich?" I mean really people!! But anyway, the point of that mini rant was to say that we don't get much snow, so when we do schools close and kids stay home and play in the little bit of snow that gets dumped on us. In keeping with true Tennessee tradition, we did just that! Our yard was covered in a few decent inches of snow,

just enough to play for a while and make a snow man.

Although Kevin and I were freezing,we scored extra points with the offspring by trudging out into the wet cold morning to frolic in the snow.

And no your eyes are not playing tricks on you,Zoe and Amelie are dressed exactly the sam (we can thank my dear aunt for that)

Kevin and I looking utterly ridiculous in un matched ugly outer wear.YAY SNOW!
(also notice the Christmas decor still up on the porch,yes we have become "that" family. I guess after I post this, out of pure shame I will go take the decorations down.But I must say all the indoor Christmas decorations came down new years eve.(All except my mini pink tree that I keep here and there year round cause it's pink.

Look at that, super snowman action! I can proudly say we built our very first decent sized snowman!


I think he's pretty cute huh?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

how we waste our time

So a few weeks back Kevin and I got inspired to take some fun pics in the back yard. We often joke that we should start our own photography business and move back west....maybe we will one day soon? These pics were really fun to take and have become some of my fave :) (and just aside not I don't smoke it was a prop ...I did I used ot smoke cloves when I was a little scene hardcore kid but not anymore :)(Kevin does however >_<) (I'm on a never ending quest to get him to stop though. Anyway enjoy the pics!

There's something neat about an old red horse barn (and horse) being right in our backyard. Like I said before we constantly talk about moving but don;t know how we would adjust to the noise of the city, the slow country life style has us a bit spoiled.

I guess I'll give outfit details:
tights-american apparel
headband-made by me for Little A.Korn Designs
Ok that's it, just wanted to share our cute little pics:)

ps tomorrow I'm starting a fun new feature on the ol' blog! Stay tuned!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's that time again?!

Someone in our house is having her big girl third birthday tomorrow ...and it aint me folks! That's right! Whee baby Amelie turns three years old tomorrow! And guess what mommy hasn't been spending weeks,upon hours,upon sleepless nights planning for the big day...yep thats right; me. Zoe's third birthday took months to plan, I made everything for it and it was all perfectly planned.(Martha Stewart called just to tell me, I had her shitting bricks , it was so good) ...well...on one of those late planning nights,I dreamed she did at least. I admit I do have a theme in mind,and Kevin and I did make our shopping rounds today for all the party goods. The g-parents have been called to tell them I'll give them their invites at the actual party(ha!) and the presents have been wrapped. But for some reason, I feel like lame-o mommy numero uno. The un spoken pressure to have the PERFECT kids party is this blood written code in the school of moms. I mean where did this come from?! Why do we feel the need to have perfect parties for tiny little people that could care less as long as the actual party looks somewhat fun, the cupcakes are full of sugar, and the presents are cool. While the intentions of throwing "the perfect" party are all good, do we sometimes feel our children are forgotten and the quest to have mommy playground, play date bragging rights are all we can see?Not to mention shows like "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" "Tori and Dean" to name a few give us examples of moms spending enough money to feed a small country on one, one year olds blow out event make us feel as if we aren't doing enough. I'm not saying all moms should have trains that chug up and down the imported astro-turf lawn , conducted by a trained Rare Asian monkey to be a good party. /but how much is too much and how much is just enough for or beloved offsprings day of birth celebrations?
Ok...that's all I have to say about that, I have some streamers to hang and cupcakes to bake!

avatars myspace at

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You color my world

Zoe and Amelie got what seems to be a million and ten coloring books,paint sets,and craft supplies for Christmas. This post really has no major purpose other than, Zoe was sitting at the table the other day painting and she looked so very colorful compared to the dark grey winter day. She had just been outfitted with her share of cute little temporary tattoos, and my cousin just left a gift of silly bands at our sleeping door, which Zoe promptly put on her already art adorned arm.

It just seemed so magical...a true 5 year old moment...paints,bracelets,temporary tattoos,owl pjs...the good life!

So this post is for my Zoe bear! Thank you little lady,you bring so much color to our world!!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy 2011!!!! A picture post from the little a.korn family to you!!!

So like many parents without babysitters or spouses that work odd shifts , we spent our NYE at home. Kevin had o go to work later in the night . So I decided to have a "party" with Zoe and Amelie . I set up a "photobooth" got a bunch of silly props, had balloons, snacks,noisemakers, etc. We had a blast.....

so much fun!!!

Strange love lol

(check out my awesome new baby fawn tattoo:)

Zoe and Amelie wore their dressiest dress up clothes!

Zoe also decided to go with her wild "my mom really did brush my hair,but i messed it up look"

My two best friends <3

Big glittery mess of pretty!
So I know I've been slacking on the blog toward the end of last year, but life happens,it is'nt always perfect and it gets insanely busy,so I took a bit of a blogging break. But I sill kept up with all my lovely blogs that I find inspirational and they truly lifted my spirit through rough times. My goal in 2011 for "Little A.Korn" is to bring it to great new heights! I have many ideas in mind that are in the works for expanding the blog,gaining more loyal followers and selling my brand. I look forward to a new year of dreams becoming reality, with my family by my side.
So, happy,

from our family,