Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You color my world

Zoe and Amelie got what seems to be a million and ten coloring books,paint sets,and craft supplies for Christmas. This post really has no major purpose other than, Zoe was sitting at the table the other day painting and she looked so very colorful compared to the dark grey winter day. She had just been outfitted with her share of cute little temporary tattoos, and my cousin just left a gift of silly bands at our sleeping door, which Zoe promptly put on her already art adorned arm.

It just seemed so magical...a true 5 year old moment...paints,bracelets,temporary tattoos,owl pjs...the good life!

So this post is for my Zoe bear! Thank you little lady,you bring so much color to our world!!!



  1. what a cutie! I still love coloring books :)

  2. adrienne! happy new year! i left a comment on your previous post, but i guess it doesn't want to show. i loved the whole photobooth idea. i may have to steal it to get it through these dreary winter days. this is the cutest little tribute to zoe, i love her tattoos. thank god for kids <3

  3. yes indeed! i have been coloring in hte girls lisa frank coloring books! i cant help myself !!! ;)

  4. ...trying again to leave you a comment. do these show up in your email atleast?


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