Thursday, September 30, 2010

The K4 went hiking....oh my!

If you knew me in "real life" you'd know I don't spend much time outside unless Im planting stuff in my garden or outside in short bursts. I've never been camping,and the last time I went hiking, I was a little kid in yeah. When Kevin asked if we could all go hiking , my first thought was..." I can't wear a dress hiking...what will i wear?!" ...yeah I know..But after a bit I thought it might actually be fun,and since Kevin would be there I wouldn't get attacked my any critters (and oh yes we saw PLENTY "critters" on our hike!

I was a little afraid that we would get lost...I even thought of tying little red ribbons to trees to help us get back...LOL ...yes I'm serious!

But there were plenty of signs telling us where to go so it wasn't an issue,that and Zoe's friends dad is the park ranger and if all else failed we could just call him on the phone!

We also had a handy map. So with the getting lost situation under control, we were ready to go!

Zoe and Amelie were utterly THRILLED to go on a hiking day trip! They could run and be as loud as they wanted! What more could a kid ask for?!?!?

And as you see, I solved my dilemma of what to wear and actually wore...shorts!
Kevin even got in the picture taking mood and sharpened his eye, which came in handy when he spotted the SNAKE!!!!

All in all it was an amazing fun day and we are even planning a CAMPING adventure of sorts soon!!!


something old.

So back during the summer when I was working at flatline tattoo. I would pass by this old shack of sorts. It had all these crazy old signs and gas tanks and STUFF. I would nearly run off the road every time I passed just to get a better look. But I dare not stop to take pictures since it was out in the middle of no where! So , the other day Kevin and I went on a date and we ended up venturing out that way to take some pics....

I still have no idea what the little shack actually is, or if any of the old signs or for sale, but I do know I am hopelessly in love with all that old junk and can't wait to go take more pictures of the shack and other neat stuff out in the middle of nowhere.

My fair ladies.

So a few weeks ago, we all headed to the fair.

It was insanely hot that day and I think as a whole we all spent more time complaining about being hot that anything else. But all in all we had fun. I had my funnel cake (thats all that really mattered anyway...funnel cakes..right?!)

Zoe and Amelie rode countless dizzy rides,

Kevin stuffed his face with some sort of hot dog thing with grilled peppers on it and I took too many pictures. Translation the perfect way to end what had started to be a very sad day.
But I don't know who can be sad at the fair?

Whenever the fair comes to our town we all know (no matter how hot is is at the time) that Fall is well on it's way.

Kevin and I fought back the urge to jump on rides ourselves and we even wandered inside to see the "fairest of the fair" girls warming up for competition (lots of piano solos and pop songs were being sung)
I suppose we all had enough fun at the fair to hold us over until next year.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

LOVE these Fall H&M commercials!

and the original song fyi isnt by erykah badu rather its by a blues singer named: Muddy Waters <3
mmmmmmmmm wow!!!!! The blues is truly SEXY music...;) Happy Sunday to you all!!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

clothes clothes clothes!!!

Heres a quick clothes update:)
The first outfit is definitely something different for me but something I enjoyed wearing.

I wore this next outfit to school I thought it went along nicely with the changing leaves n such! :)

moccasins- urban outfitters
I wore this outfit on our trip to the fair and right after I quit my job... I suppose it's a liberating outfit?

scarf worn as belt-tj maxx
moccasins- urban outfitters
kiddie band aide-from zoe and amelie l
This last outfit is also a bit of a change I NEVER wear shorts (without leggings under them atleast!) But I wore this outfit hiking so it seemed appropriate. Although I felt sooo odd in the shorts.

sunglasses-saints and sailors for ht
moccasins- urban outfitters


Our anniversary date part dos!

So i know you probably are pretty grumpy with me and my little blog here! But know that I've been busy at school making beautiful things for beautiful grades!

The second part of our date was the most fun! For the longest time I've bugged Kevin about getting me the perfect cruiser bike. One day my dad heard my whining and told us that he still had my childhood bike and another bike in the garage, they weren't cruisers but they were bikes and they were free! So we decided to take them out for a spin.

A big question I had was , was the old saying true "You never forget how to ride a bike?!" After a few moments of contemplation....

I took my chances, and lo and behold I still remembered! YAY!

Kevin wasn't too shabby either! He said he was more use to riding mountain bikes but the ten speed was neat too.

Zoe and Amelie also took their (pimpin') tricycle out for a spin. Amelie wasn't too happy (She just woke up) poor baby!!!

I am truly in love with the "art of bike riding"! I've been riding here and there when i have a rare spare moment, in fact all this talk about riding bikes is making me want to go for a quick spin around the neighborhood?!?!? I look forward to more fall bike riding dates with the Mr.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big P, little p,what begins with P? our anniversary Part 1.

our fave...PICNIC!
So, Saturday was a very important day for us, Kevin and I had our 5th wedding anniversary! wowza!

I've had these shoes FORVER and yes they've always said that lol.
Since I've been so busy with school and work lately, we decided we would take the girls along with us on a picnic,playground romp,and family bike ride. This entry will be devoted to the picnic side of the fun, as to not overwhelm you with a million pictures! ;)
It was a simple affair indeed (a lot like our wedding) As you all know we are suckers for picnics and sunshine. We decided to mix it up this time and go to a park we never really go to. It was way quieter than the other parks we frequent, which was good for relaxing since our week was so stressful.

The picnic gang:

(I have no idea why Amelie looks intoxicated lol) I actually thought it was a good pic until I put it on the mac lol oh well!

Thre is something so magical about eating food on a blanket under the sun...

However,every day is getting cooler and cooler and soon we wont be able to chow down in the sun. Hopefully we can get in a few more picnics before fall officially sets in, in the south... but after that atleast we'll have the memories(and chances for indoor picnics)

5 years yay!!!