Thursday, September 30, 2010

My fair ladies.

So a few weeks ago, we all headed to the fair.

It was insanely hot that day and I think as a whole we all spent more time complaining about being hot that anything else. But all in all we had fun. I had my funnel cake (thats all that really mattered anyway...funnel cakes..right?!)

Zoe and Amelie rode countless dizzy rides,

Kevin stuffed his face with some sort of hot dog thing with grilled peppers on it and I took too many pictures. Translation the perfect way to end what had started to be a very sad day.
But I don't know who can be sad at the fair?

Whenever the fair comes to our town we all know (no matter how hot is is at the time) that Fall is well on it's way.

Kevin and I fought back the urge to jump on rides ourselves and we even wandered inside to see the "fairest of the fair" girls warming up for competition (lots of piano solos and pop songs were being sung)
I suppose we all had enough fun at the fair to hold us over until next year.


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