Saturday, August 29, 2009


We are waiting. Waiting to see if it is going to rain today. The weather man says no...but the view out our window says cloudy.
Every year our local symphony puts on a free concert,everyone brings their picnic blankets,chairs,some people even set up fancy tables and chairs with flowers on the tables,votive candles,etc.We pack a yummy picnic dinner and listen to the pretty music.(all for free I might add) SO,we are waiting to see if we will be able to have our picnic this afternoon. Last year it rained and we set up a picinc in the living room floor and listened to classical music on the radio! HA!! If all else fails I guess an impromptu picnic will be the next best thing!
Cross your fingers for us!! Have a great weekend!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

class is (almost) in session

Zoe and Amelie have never been to any type of preschool. When Amelie was a baby Zoe and I would have mini "school sessions" we would learn numbers letters shapes colors etc. However once Amelie became mobile our school sessions became shorter and fewer.Now we don't do too much.A few things here and there (lots of art projects) But those are usually wild too because of the age difference in the girls. So we decided that Zoe could go to "school" this year. Her actual school is only two days a week for three hours a day. Last night they had the parents meeting. uh...I signed up to help with EVERY party they will have...(i told you I LOVE a party)I think Zoe will like the interaction with kids away from us and her sis for awhile. So this is yet another thing to add to the girls long list of things they do each day,but i don't think she will mind! We are excited for our little girl and look forward to her first day of school soon!!!!

In other news,I got the thumbs up on the second of three craft festivals i want to do this Fall/Winter. I'm so excited!!! I need to go get some more felt and hair clips and start sew sew sewing away. BUT I also need to finish zoe's birhtday invitation construction TODAY,that way when it's closer to the day I wont have so much stress to finish them.Sheesh I'm gonna be one busy mama soon,between fourth birthday party planning,sewing hair flowers and making hair bows,planning class parties and school,craft festivals......goodness,I need a nap just thinking about it (yeah right)

Any way I hope everyone has a good weekend! We have a symphony picnic to go to tomorrow afternoon I'm so excited!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

what is that picture?!?!?...our ode to amelie

It has occurred to me that people may wonder what exactly my tiny little user picture of myself and the girls is . Well,as I've mentioned before my youngest daughter is named Amelie. And yes,she was named after my favorite movie. We originally had a different name picked for her and Amelie was going to be her middle name.But one night Kevin looked over at me and said..."Amelie is such a strong name,we should let it be her first name." So that night we finally decided (a month before her birth) that our little bun in the oven would be named "Amelie Sky" <3 The movie is a favorite as I said,it always makes me smile,and gets my creative mind going.

SO my user picture is the girls and my, "ode to the movie amelie" We got bored with the rain one day and I remembered this image from the movie:

So I decided what would be better than to make our own masked photo booth picture?!

These really our some of my favorite pictures of us! they are even on our fridge (as one of my pet peeves are refrigerators with tons of stuff on them (you know magnets paper etc) I just thought this was a cute simple thing to add to the fridge

So there you go! Now everyone knows what the heck that tiny little picture is all about! Have a good day!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

saving flowers and thinking about early fall...

The days are shortening,and each morning when I wake up it's very cool outside. The tale, tale signs that my favorite season (Fall) is on it's way! While watering my (many) flowers around the house yesterday,I noticed that some of them were starting to wilt (maybe it was the lack of water lol), or maybe it's because of the cool mornings we've been having)So I thought,that since all the flowers were so pretty this year,I should definitely take a few last photos before it's too late.
Here are the flowers in our pretty garden box!
This is the same garden box,I gave instructions on how to make on you can see the instructions here:our garden box and directions to make your own!

A few more pretty close ups of all the garden box splendor!(le sigh)

Pretty welcome greeting you at our front door.

And last patio flowers!

Planting and taking care of all these pretty flowers was a great activity for myself and the girls! Kevin built our little garden box for us,so all in all it was a family affair! Next year I think we are going to do veggies in the garden box and plant flowers all along the fence,we shall see!
I hope all these flower images brightened your day,and
urge you to get outside and enjoy the last days of summer!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

another day outside

I love play dough......really I do! It's so bright and fun,and I played with it a lot as a child.

BUT now I feel the need to call my poor mother and apologize for the HUGE yucky play dough mess I'm sure I left in her carpets!!!

The girls really wanted to play with the magic stuff yesterday ,all I could think about was the mess in the carpet. We intend on getting hardwood floors in the living room next year,but for now there are carpets,and play dough looooooves carpets,and I don't have the patience to get it all out. So I thought to myself, let's take this all outside!!

Great idea!! The girls cut and pulled,they pretended to cook,they had a ball!!!!

And this time if the play dough fell on the ground...well... we just left it there!! Pure fun for the girls no clean up for mommy!!! So I guess play dough is one of the things from child hood that must be explored;and I must admit,it's not that bad.

Monday, August 24, 2009

pretty princess picnic ...

Saturday the weather was glorious...I however was in a foul mood. Since it was such a nice day out I felt that it would be a huge injustice to not take the girls outside to play. BUT I had been such a meany all day, I wanted to do something special for the girls.
A few days back I was looking at the girls "Madeline" book and was very inspired by these pages.
Madeline is having a tea party with a circus elephant!!(how cute!!)

So I got an idea...I dumped all the girls dress up clothes onto the floor and told them to pick out their prettiest princess frocks! Then I set up some art supplies and cut out some princess crown shapes.

While the girls colored away on their princess crowns,

I made special princess snacks,and berry tea.
I had a few cupcakes left over hat I made for the bake sale at Keivn's work,so they were perfect! we also had heart shaped and flower shaped peanut butter finger sandwiches,and celery sticks.

yummy! food fit for two little princesses!
Once in the backyard,we laid out our pretty blanket,and started out princess tea party picnic of sorts!

We sipped tea out of the cutest (tiniest) little tea cups!

We chatted,giggled,and shewed away bugs.

three cheers for princess tea party picnics!!!!I'm ready for another one!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

rainy day

hello rain.

we are glad you came.
puddle jumping makes us smile,but we will be spending the rest of the day inside,crafting(sewing flower clips for the THREE yes THREE festivals i have been invited to) baking(cupcakes for kevins work bake sale) and smiling.
it's good to slow down sometimes.

have a great day!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

snip, cut, snip cut...

me last night at midnight...snipping away....

Im very busy, I just got the thumbs up to participate in a local Christmas Craft fair!!!! I m over the moon with excitement! This is the chance I have been waiting for. I will be able to sell my "little a.korn clipies" to a market of people that REALLY will be interested!!!

I stayed up all last night cutting out my some flower shapes for the hair clips...

i made a big happy mess....

so pretty..ha!

but these pretty clips are well worth it! right?!?!

ALSO did anyone watch the show "House of Jazmin" on MTV last night?!?!
how cute are her clothes!??!!? and i love the little bows she wears in her hair!!! very inspirational!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lovely living room re-do

saturday i was watching HGTV (dont ya love it) and i remembered one of the designers on the show i was watching say "never block a window" As soon as I heard this I made a mental note to somehow move the couch in our living room...and re arrange the room. I really like to re-invent our living space,and it seems to make the whole family happy (especially the girls) So after cutting fishies and sea weed for birthday cards yesterday I decided to start moving furniture in the living room and do a little re-decorating. Here's what i came up with...view from the kitchen...

happy little shelf and picture wire <3

vintage 1920s type writer our college art books,vintage hot pink frames,bubble gum machine,etc.

comfy re-covered rocker and boom box pillow

lol this "chalk board" is really a dry erase board i painted with chalkboard paint for the girls. i have a habit of covering things with chalk board can NEVER have too many chalk boards right?!

i think im done for now with this room,except i think im going to the antique store this weekend to get a blue gum ball machine i saw,and this bad-a@# bruce lee movie poster (keivn loves bruce lee)AND i want this from

(i want the green robot print for at the door)
then i THINK i'll be done...for now and for this room at least ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009

1 fish 2 fish,slowly swimming along.

This morning I woke up did some dishes,and laundry (in hopes to dry my fave black skinny jeans so i could wear them today) (no such luck) After all this, I headed to the hair salon to get my hair done. After and hour of giggling and gossiping with the ladies,Kevin called me to let me know he and the girls were stopping by Sonic after some play time at the park. Since I'm so sweet (and I was so very hungry) I ordered Kev and I some sushi and rice for lunch.

All the food has been eaten,Zoe and Amelie and playing together, kevin is taking a nap (LUCKY!!!!) and I am working on Zoe's fourth birthday party invitations!!!!

Zoe has requested an "under the sea" theme for her birthday this year. Last year she had a carnival party her invitations took me about 3 or 4 weeks to make...yes i said weeks!!!!
here they are....

i had to cut and glue each little flag on to each invitation!!!

so took awhile.

this year im going to make little fish bowls,so today i'm going to take some time cutting out the little paper goldfish and seaweed for each fish bowl invite:) i'll do some more updates on the progress.there's one thing i surely do love and that's kids birthday party planinng.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

simple sunday morning.

good morning!
today is church day.the girls will be participating in a dance at church. we are excited. i need to find a quick art project for the children's church class i teach :) last week we made sun catchers.i might do something a little bit less creative today (maybe i 'll bring bubbles to play with outside) avoid mid church day lag, i think i will make a nice breakfast for us this morning.

anyone want some fresh blueberry muffins? i think im gonna go do some baking now! have a good day!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

it's as easy as ABC!!!

heres some little felt ABC blocks i made for little Amelie :)

so cute!! or should i say sew cute:)

today is starting out slow , not to much on the list of stuff to do...except cleaning up around here for me :) BLAH.i hope everyone is having a fun,easy weekend!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

mud pies GLORIOUS mud pies!!!

we live in the south.
the summers are HOT.
Too hot to go outside and play during the day.
so,we have been trying our best to go outside and play in the evenings.

a few days back, the girls were running around the yard going wild (happy to finally get to play). They kept going in the garden box getting out dirt. After awhile i remembered playing in the dirt as a child making mud pies.So i got zoe a little water and well....what started off nice and clean

slowly became

one big fun

muddy MESS!!

(thank goodness it was right before bath time)

yay MUD!!!