Wednesday, August 19, 2009

snip, cut, snip cut...

me last night at midnight...snipping away....

Im very busy, I just got the thumbs up to participate in a local Christmas Craft fair!!!! I m over the moon with excitement! This is the chance I have been waiting for. I will be able to sell my "little a.korn clipies" to a market of people that REALLY will be interested!!!

I stayed up all last night cutting out my some flower shapes for the hair clips...

i made a big happy mess....

so pretty..ha!

but these pretty clips are well worth it! right?!?!

ALSO did anyone watch the show "House of Jazmin" on MTV last night?!?!
how cute are her clothes!??!!? and i love the little bows she wears in her hair!!! very inspirational!!!

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