Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lovely living room re-do

saturday i was watching HGTV (dont ya love it) and i remembered one of the designers on the show i was watching say "never block a window" As soon as I heard this I made a mental note to somehow move the couch in our living room...and re arrange the room. I really like to re-invent our living space,and it seems to make the whole family happy (especially the girls) So after cutting fishies and sea weed for birthday cards yesterday I decided to start moving furniture in the living room and do a little re-decorating. Here's what i came up with...view from the kitchen...

happy little shelf and picture wire <3

vintage 1920s type writer our college art books,vintage hot pink frames,bubble gum machine,etc.

comfy re-covered rocker and boom box pillow

lol this "chalk board" is really a dry erase board i painted with chalkboard paint for the girls. i have a habit of covering things with chalk board paint...you can NEVER have too many chalk boards right?!

i think im done for now with this room,except i think im going to the antique store this weekend to get a blue gum ball machine i saw,and this bad-a@# bruce lee movie poster (keivn loves bruce lee)AND i want this from landofnod.com

(i want the green robot print for at the door)
then i THINK i'll be done...for now and for this room at least ;)

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