Sunday, January 31, 2010

ha ha i love?!....yeah maybe

Lykke Li @ NTBR Part 4 - "Hustlin'" from Drew Innis on Vimeo.

Long time no post...(the snowed in version)

This is our whee little house(awe) Notice anything?!?
That's right!!SNOW!!! For those of you that don't know we live in the South(Tennessee to be exact) Now I have friends and family that live in East Tennessee and they get snow often.But we live in West Tennessee where snow is ALWAYS a big event!!
We got a good 5 to 6 inches of the lovely icy mix!

So we have been stuck inside ALL week. But the snow didn't come until Friday. The rest of the week (and even now) my dear Zoe and Amelie are sick with coughs and ear infections :( It is safe to say that cabin fever is in full effect for us all!!! But at least this is the view out the windows...

So while the nursing the girls back to health,I have been inside STUDYING. Quite like a mad woman really!! I took my first online test for my video Geography class(how neat is that?!) I made a B ...I only missed three wasn't an A but at least I didn't fail. Now I know what to expect from the tests and will know what to study for the next test and Ill hopefully pass the next tests with flying colors.
In the middle of studying Geography I have been reading stories for my English Lit. class.I must admit I am struggling my way through one story and took a break from reading! Yeah lol to read "Candy Girl" by Diablo Cody. Ha!! Big difference.I finished it in a day,while I am still struggling through exerts from "The Story of the Stone" for class tomorrow. ????
However it's not been all sickness,cabin fever,and studying madness around here.In a brief moment of feeling better yesterday,Zoe, Amelie and I trugged outside in the (ice covered) snow,for a better view.

We didn't stay too long because it got way to cold for sickly little ones,but it was indeed fun while it lasted!

I hope everyone is staying warm,happy and safe this weekend! I'm off to ,nurse sick children,study and read some more and enjoy all the lovely views.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BEST line from a movie!!!!

i shall be back soon with lots of blogging fun <3

Monday, January 25, 2010

its muh birthday....

Today is my birthday,friday night i had a b-day shin dig...oh the insanity....

all my lovely friends came by(those who were not at airports and band practices) <3
I got an awesome book about The Gorillaz,hello kitty toys,wine,some candy,oh and I got my sleeve worked on some more) (I'll post about that soon)

Twas a lovely party indeed...

Oh good times,sweet(intoxicated) friends...le sigh....

Ok that's enough of that...
This was a very rare occasion indeed.Zoe and Amelie spent the night with my parents.(it was Zoes second time and Amelie's first)Awe.I love all my sweet friends and maybe we can have another get together when it is warmer...:)WHEEE!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

painting pictures...

The other night I painted this ...

Oh so sweet! Im really in love with the mr. monster there !!

More details...

And his creepy little lover...

Ive been painting a lot more lately.But tonight I have my first class of the new semester and then I go to work at the store for a few hours.Back to business folks! Speaking of business,Im going to start making a few things for my poor horribly neglected Little A.korn Designs.Valentines day is approaching and lots of sweet girls and ladies shall need pretty accessories! More on that soon...
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

oh dollar bowling night we love you!!

HA! I went dollar bowling with nicole and conchata tonight! So funny, but I totally lost...pffft....
But losing is ok in super snazzy bowling bowling shoes!!!

Shhhhh nicole and conchata and seeeeeeeecret bowlers!!!

Oh yay! I look like a dork!

AWE! I love you Conchata!!!

good times!!!

GOOD night!!!
Ill do a real post later haha!

Amelie's Party!!!

I KNOOOOOOOOW I've been totally slacking at posting,but life is happening all around me!I am holding very true to my new years goal to hang out with my dear friends more. Tonight is Dollar Bowling rock-a-billy style!!! Last night my friends Stephanie and Conchata stopped by and I just had to spoil them with black bean burritos and choc. chip cookies. wooters!!

Ok on to the subject at hand, last Friday my dear little Amelie Sky turned two!!! The theme of the party was "Who's Two?" So there were owls galore,birdhouses,and other cute things I thought one might encounter while on a walk in a magical wood. Here's a picture of the overall layout.

I made a huge felt tree with whee little felt owls sitting on it's branches to adorn the door.

Here's the table!I got the babushka plates as a Christmas present from Kevin! Aren't they so sweet?! I thought they might be little sweeties one might encounter while for a stroll in the woods.The "table cloth" is vintage fabric my friend Quincy's mom gave me a while back.

Side table where I eventually put the drink bucket and cups.

Who's Two invitations!

The project I decided on for Zoe and Amelie was to paint little birdhouses.

They had fun!I have since added the little birdhouses to our living and kitchen decor! Everyone that comes over knows that Zoe and Amelie painted the bird houses lol!

For her birthday cupcakes I made Amelie Owl Cakes....mmmmm yummy!!

This party def. was not as planned out as my other events are,I didn't even get to finish the little owl bunting I had all laid out.I really was a bit frazzled and tired after all the Christmas goings on, among other things.But all in all I think Zoe and Amelie had a blast.

Happy Birthday Amelie Sky! Whooooo loves you?! We do!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

all time favorite song all time favorite band...

brings tears to my eyes every time i hear it.....<3

Friday, January 8, 2010

whoooo's TWO?!??!

Amelie Sky
That's who!!!!

Happy birthday littlest love!!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dont go to sleep! get up get up GET DOWN!!!

So,as you all know we have to kiddos.Zoe is 4 and Amelie will be 2 Friday! Like most whee ones,they like to stay up as late as possible and milk mom and dad for as much fun as possible right before bed.."one more story please?!" "read it again!" "i need some juice" " i have to potty" " is that a monster?!?!" "are you sure, cause I think it's a monster" "will you lay with me" ...and on and on...Last night they did the old "it takes 2 hours to clean up our tiny room....really" routine.So that lasted forever I finally got them bathed,and was about to put them to bed but...OOPS!! I left my i pod playing. Some super fast aggressive punk song was blaring (perfect for bed right?!?!) So Zoe and Amelie decided to dance around the living room a bit.At first I insisted they stop and go to bed,but then Kevin came in and all out dance party ensued!!

We danced for the longest,had a wheel barrow race,and did some couch jumping.(well Zoe and Amelie couch jumped,Kevin watched and I took pictures for your amusement)

This party lasted MUCH longer than or pre Christmas dance shind-dig with my BFF Conchata..
click here for that very fun dance party action!
After a while dancing and games turned into couch and table this time we (we REALLY being Kevin and I) were exhausted so we convinced the girls to go to bed!

Oh the Dance Party InSaNiTy!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you are wondering just what we were cutting a rug to...
Black can't listen to them and NOT dance seriously!!!

check out their web site and listen for yourself here!

Today was spent cleaning out the office/studio space I mean REALLY cleaning! Boxes and bags of junk have been removed,and a little paint has been applied to a's a brand new spiffy space! I can't wait to create in!!Maybe I will take a few pictures of it!

We are patiently waiting for snow in our little town,the wind chill today was TWO AHH so cold! I don't really want to get out of the house for much!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed our dance party bed time shinanigans!!!Have a happy night!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

random post(lots o pictures)

My life has been a whirlwind's some pics....

typical me...any given day...text text text text lol....

Hello down there!!!!

Two of my BFFs!!!!(conchata and nicole)love love love these girls!!!(never mind my strange wide mouthed face?!?!)

Zoe's so cool in my shades and all bundled up!!!<3

it's so cold here,dont be fooled by these pretty pics!!

Me geeking out with thee lovely macbook<3

and yes that is a hot pink christmas tree next to me :) It's the only sign of Christmas left in our home! (it was my display tree at the neely house) I've been using it as a night light teehee.

Zoe heads back to school tomorrow Im excited and so is she!!She will get to see all her pals and have some good playschool fun! Speaking of school,I changed my major this morning,a rather bold move on my part,I switched from Education,to English.I have a very strong desire to teach college English one day,but until I get my masters degree I will teach middle or high school English.In high school I took an extra semester of Advanced Placement English just so I could read more this seems like a good fit for me.I'm really trying to enjoy my last few days before the semester starts back and I go into school overdrive! But to tell you the truth it's so very cold here I haven't been doing to many wonderful Earth moving activities! Amelie's second birthday is Friday!!I'm still making her little owl invitations. We were gonna have a hige bash for her,but I think we are just going to have close family over instead.Well there ya go...lots of un related pictures and a small window of what 's going on in little a.korn land