Friday, February 26, 2010

new art added to me...

Wednesday I went to visit my dear tattoo artist Jeff(again)
Sorry mom and dad! tee hee

Ive posted before about my favorite song and band.My favorite song is "speakers push the air" by a band called Pretty Girls Make Graves.The lyrics to the song bring tears to my eyes EVERY time I hear it (and hearing it live was so very magical!) Here's the lyrics in case you're wondering:
"Do you remember when
We couldn't put it away?
Do you remember when
We couldn't put it away?
Do you remember what the music meant?
(To you?) (To me?) (To you?) (To me?)
Do you remember what the music meant?
Life's complications and frustrations
They disappear when the music starts playing
I found a place where it feels alright
I heard a record and it opened my eyes
Do you remember when we couldn't put it away?
Do you remember what the music meant?
And nothing else matters
When I turn it up loud
There was the one definitive moment
Well, did it mean it to you?
There was that one definitive moment
When it was something new
Life's complications and frustrations
They disappear when the music starts playing
I found a place where it feels alright
I heard a record and it opened my eyes
Did it mean it to you?
Do you remember when
We couldn't put away?
Do you remember when
We couldn't put it away?
Do you remember what the music meant?
And nothing else matters
Yeah nothing else matters
When I turn it up loud
Yeah nothing else matters
When I turn it up loud"

And here's the video:

Now on to the subject at hand.I love this song SO much that it has become my newest tattoo!!

I originally wanted "Speakers Push The Air" straight across my shoulders BUT magical Jeff, (as always) came up with something SO much prettier and girlier and I'm in LOVE with it!!! My back is now almost completely covered (he did angel wings on my back (my FIRST tattoo) when I was 20) so now only the bottom of my back and shoulders aren't covered,but I'm pretty sure we will fix that one day..


Thursday, February 25, 2010

too cute!!

Zoe and Amelie are huge fans of oi punk and ska! Once I sawthis song I thought they (and you lovely reader) would enjoy it!!
pickitup pickitup!!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A trip to the children's museum!

Tuesday, I decided out of the blue (because stuff like that is just plain FUN) that we should make a trip to the Children's museum! So we packed ourselves into the car and headed south.:)
Zoe and Amelie were THRILLED upon entering the museum!

I was immediately in LOVE with all the fun colors all around!! Getting out and doing something as a family despite the BITTER cold was very rewarding,and LONG over due!I think Kevin and i are such children at heart that we equally enjoyed the museum as much as the girls!!
The museum was filled with buttons to push,things to read,experiments to try,clothes to wear,things to slide,run,and jump,on,pretty much every kids (and kid at hearts) dream come true!
In our "normal everyday life" I usually go to the grocery store with my mom and the girls.Zoe and Amelie have to sit in the cart and cant do too very much to help me.BUT at the Children's museum there was a mini grocery store full of "food items" and a mini "deli" all nice and low for little people and little hands to reach and "shop to their hearts content!! The girls had a BLAST with this part of the museum!! They filled their wee little baskets to the brim then proceeded to the "check out counter,where Kevin and I were waiting with smiles to "ring them up"! They even got their own mini receipts!

The next stop on our "museum tour" was the "Art gallery" This was indeed my favorite part!!

Poor girls they were ready to run to the next thing and I made them pose in front of "Starry Night" ha!

After the girls colored pictures in the art area we moved onto the theatre area,which was full with tons of fun costumes and props for dress up! There was a huge green screen behind the stage and Kevin and I came to the conclusion that on super duper busy days they must let kids make mini videos with nifty backgrounds?! (not sure) But we still had a blast!

Zoe and Amelie in an "interpretive dance" of sorts ha!
They had SUCH a great time Kevin decided to dress up too teehee!!

All in all the museum was gorgeous and super fun! Everywhere you looked you couldn't just had to smile!!

I ended up just having to hula hoop!!

We all truly had a great day!I'm looking forward to warmer days so that we can go on many more mini family adventures!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

How to make a monster....

So today I got a grand idea to make a monster doll similar to the painting I made a few weeks back (you can see it by clicking here!!! )
So I got my supplies together and started working..

Today is a very rainy gloomy day,perfect in my opinion,for creating a MONSTER muhahahaha! (that was my creepy Dr. Frankenstein laugh by the way!)
It feels REALLY good to get my craft supplies out again!I'm sure everyone has noticed the lack of craft inspired posts here lately.I've just been a bit overwhelmed with things and I needed to take a mini break from things for a bit,but my mind is a flutter with so many new ideas to create it's looking good!
So here's the little guys face, along with some more yummy craft goodies.

I'm not sure what his name is yet ,but I'm sure once he's all sewn together and stuffed I'll know it!!
Have a great day!(Im off to sew some more!!!!muhahah (eep there's that laugh again!!)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday kind of love....

Today the Mr. and I

are going on a dinner/movie date! Im super excited because I cant remember the last date we had....our anniversary in September perhaps?! Yeah we deserve this break for sure I haven't ventured outside yet,but from the look of things out there I think we may have been blessed with another somewhat warm day perfect for a date yay!! What are your Sunday plans?! <3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

mid winter COLOR BOOST!!!!

So lately we have been snowed in more times than most,and to tell you the truth the snow has totally lost it's appeal,and I'm ready for SPRING!I can't wait to plant flowers and fruits and vegetables,not have to wear a coat,hat and scarf, have a spring cook out party,and get my feet tattooed ;)

Yesterday was a very unusual day indeed,it was actually WARM!!! It made me so happy to see the sun again and to see big puffy clouds in a clear blue sky,that I decided to go around the house today and take pictures of some of the inside colors that have kept me going this winter.Enjoy!!! ...
Embroidery floss mmmm yummy color!!

Vintage gum ball and candy machines,toys,and fun books:)

My prized vintage jelly belly machine (with gumballs in it!)

Happy wrap.

Mini suitcases that store TONS of craft goodies.

cupcake cookie jar Kevin got me for Christmas(and yes there are yummy cookies inside!)

Hello kitty toys my friend Renne gave me for muh birthday.

the very first item i EVER purchased at a vintage store (I was in 6th grade) (its a mushroom napkin holder but we use it for mail) and the nesting dolls a friend of my moms gave me when I was in about ten) :) (and the unpainted wooden nesting dolls I got at a craft store,I still haven't decided how to paint them?)

HOT pink anchor mini skirt I purchased from the super awesome Amy of SHRINKLE
I wore it out last weekend and I got tons of compliments! If you've never seen the Shrinkle line,hop on over and take a look,its way too much cuteness!!!!

Hot Hot HOT high heels I got at work oh lala! (I haven't worn them anywhere yet!?)

Exclusive Hello Kitty /super Cute Poster...speaks for itself :)

And last but NEVER least these too have kept these days inside pretty fun :) tee hee so silly!!!

Hope all this color made you smile!!! I'm offto study the day away,and then tonight I go roller skating with co-workers lol sooo fun! (I'm going to bring my camera so I'm sure I'll hve lots of stories and pictures to share!) Have a happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

color happy...

I know...I've been a HORRIBLE blogger...:(

But today I bring you...COLOR!!!!
Color in the form of my newly purchased M.A.C palette (So pretty)

Whhooooooa COLOR!!!

Im truly in love

It's nice to look at such bright things since all I see when i look out the window is SNOW!!!Yes that's right MORE snow in good ol' west Tennessee.To tell you the truth I'm a bit tired of it and i have big hopes,plans,and dreams for all things Spring (except pollen and allergy attacks.)

We have been busy in our little abode.I have plans on getting my stuff together for my poor neglected Little A.Korn Designs. Lots of fun stuff coming soon :)
I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

what i wore saturday niiiiiiight :)

i have nothing to post so i shall post my outfit from saturday night when i went to hang out a my friend rennes house :)

here is the look with my scarf and hat (both my moms vintage) <3

and a close up of the bag...

so here's where it is all from:
hat and scarf:my mommys vintage borrowed items
boots:steve madden macys
tights: ?
bow:zoe's borrowed :)
necklace:sanrio store
purse:converse at target
Ok thats it ! goodnight!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new tattoos

So I know I keep saying I am going to show my new tattoo but I never have,so here we go...
Two weeks ago I went to visit my lovely artist Jeff at HIS brand new shop. We planned on adding a phonograph to my left arm to start working on some sort of sleeve of "awesome"
Here's the little beauty right after I left the shop...

No where near as painful as it looks. lol
And heres a "better" pic (Im too lazy to take a real picture of it, so for now mac photo booth shall suffice! )

The other tattoo at the top of my arm is "lenore" a comic book character by Roman Dirge.
At first Jeff just added the phonograph but then he went back in and free handed some background for me because he is awesome. I may go back to get some m0re work this weekend...the bug has gotten me again,after 4 years of not getting tattooed,I think I need to catch up! Maybe I will do a post to show my other work,but I dunno. So there you have it! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what i wear....

It is still snowy.Zoe and Amelie are getting much better(thank you for well wishes!) I don't have much to blog about,so I thought i would share a picture of the cute dress I wore the day BEFORE the snow came.

I must admit I have a closet FULL to the brim with adorable dresses and skirts and ballet flats.It's a bit really.But we are planning a trip to Nashville next month,to visit the BETSY JOHNSON store there!!*drool* (amongst other things. I also have plans on getting pin up pictures taken with a local photographer,there is an amazing cupcake shop we want to go to ,and of course we gotta take the girls to the zoo!) But REALLY BETSY JOHNSON?!?!?!?!?

I already own two skirts but I plan on purchasing at least three dresses....OH MY!!!!
What are some of your favorite things to wear?!