Sunday, November 29, 2009

hip hop christmas joy,and our tree :)

one of my fave christmas songs!! "oh my god an ill reindeer!!!!!" (SO COOL lol) that has got to be the best christmas lyric ever ha ha !!!
zoe and kevin totally approve this song and run dmc...:)

ok here's our living room christmas tree...oh ah :) i still think i need more still on the hunt for a package or two of vintage ones....but its still nice and cozy and stuff :)

semi side view...

close up shiny ornament goodness...

with the lights off

YAY christmas trees!!yay run dmc!!!! have a good night! i think we will go have a mini family dance party now!!! <3

a little bit of Christmas ...

Friday Zoe and Amelie looked on while i made this wreath...

So pretty!

The colors I've decided to use to decorate this year are red,white,and silver...BUT I over heard a lady talking the other day about lime green ornaments....oh....maybe next year,I'll do lime green silver and pink.....:)I want to make a felt wreath and a tinsel wreath at some point too.And I saw on HGTV yesterday how to make a square wreath!! I may try that as well. Im so excited about decorations this year. Something about Christmas decorations just makes me so giddy!! Have a good Sunday!
We are about to get ready for church.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

random thankful photos....

hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!!

I am working on an advent calendar ....

thanksgiving footwear of sorts...version mom and pop <3

my pumpkin pie recipe...

we are all decorated for christmas now !!!(this is one of many trees ha! its in our bedroom) :)

i am brainstorming ideas for our christmas card picture....

this song is stuck in my head today?!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Amelie is napping, Kevin is at work,so Zoe and I wish you and your families a happy thanksgiving!!!

we will be eating soon,and kevin gets off later(I promised him I would save all him special samples of all the stuff I baked at home for later) ha!

we have been watching parades,baking,and trying to keep colds under control.and for all of these thing I am thankful.
Happy thanksgiving loves!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

being thankful.a thanksgiving craft

Every night at dinner this month we have been going around the table telling what we are thankful for.I write each thing down on little paper leaves I cut out before dinner. They become our family's "thankful leaves"

Some days we forgot,some days,I had a fussy 4 year old telling me she didn't want to be thankful,and Kevin even once said "he would be thankful to be done with these thankful leaves!!" lol But all in all our little project finally came along.

I took all our thankful leaves and glued them to a paper plate to make a simple little wreath!

BUT we had SO many thankful leaves,I ended up making 2 wreathes.

All in all the we all had fun doing this project,and it helped to remember to stop and be thankful for the things we have,no matter how small (mickey mouse) (ha!) or big (family) Kevin even reminded me a few times through out this month when I would get upset or angry,to think about all our thankful leaves.
I also did a similar project with our children's church classes,except we colored cornucopias ,and mounted them and our thankful leaves on banners.
WHAT THINGS ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?!Also there's still time before thanksgiving day! make your own thankful leaves and wreathes,it's really eye opening to see all you have to be thankful for right in front of you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

little a.korn excitement!!!

Last night I got a call,It was Hope from the Neely House.They were having a party for Chamber of Commerce membersand I got a very important tu-tu order! A few minutes later she called back with a second order!!Squeeeeee!!!!! Im so excited I can't wait to start working.This could open a lot of doors for little a.korn!I am so thankful that God has given me such great opportunities! Hopefully Ill get lots more custom tu-tu orders before Christmas. Right now Im having day dreams of tulle and need to get to the fabric store ASAP.

ps,3339, thats how many times my blog has been viewed! hmmm..if youre reading, follow me! id love to meet some more great friends!!dont be shy! join the little a.korn party!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

a moment for me...

Today I took a little break by myself.

With the sun shining I couldn't resist getting out and about a little,and it helped my mood a bit,although I had a headache my entire outing.Blah!
Nothing big, for about an hour or so I went to my favorite antique shop and back to Pier one :)

I found many things that made my heart almost stop!!!

I didn't buy these jars of pure magic...but maybe I will go back on a gloomy day to get them to perk me up?! OR maybe someone can tell Kevin these would be wonderful Christmas gifts for yours truly *wink wink*
I was on the hunt for boxes of vintage Christmas bulbs in red,silver,and white.No such luck this time but I did find many adorably Christmas items to make me smile.

I ended up walking out of the antique store with nothing,but i did head back over to Pier one and got this...

EEEEP two rolls of babushka wrapping paper!! BE STILL MY HEART!!! i KNOW its gorgeous right?!? I love love love little nesting dolls,and when I saw this paper the other day I knew I would have to get some! I have not a single Christmas present to wrap yet,but I have this great paper!!Thats the usual story right!?

On another note,I called the Neely House today to seee how my little a.korn booth is doing,and I got to talk to the owner,she gave me very happy news! She is taking ten of my clips to the local Holiday Mart this weekend! I am SO excited! i hope she sells them all! I REALLY wanted a booth at the holiday Mart this year,but alas,booth space is a wee bit more than I can afford right now...God willing maybe next year!:) But i see it as a huge blessing that she is taking some of my product along for their booth,hopefully more people will be interested. I really need some more local craft fairs to attend before Christmas,but haven't been to lucky in finding any.Any one local reading,if you know of anything ,shoot me a comment or an email and I will be forever grateful.

Thats all for today,Im ready for the weekend,i have no plans but for some reason the weekend just sound marvelous.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

oh YES I DID!!!!

Ok well,not yet,but im thinking about it...what you ask...

decorating for Christmas!!!

I went to Pier one today,and came out with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!! ha! I wanted to wait until the day after thanksgiving to decorate with the girls,but Ive had such a crappy week so far,I want something to pep up the house and my mood...I dunno I might just day dream about all the things I want to get done for now ,and look at all the lovely images posted across the blogs ,so I dont spoil the fun for the girls lol. That and I still don't feel 100% better yet :( These pictures were a few of my decorations last year.:)

Maybe they will help you get in the Christmas spirit too! Anybody else itching to decorate?! Anybody decorated yet!?!?!?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


and ,get over strep throat, which disguised itself with flu like symptoms....
I'll be back in the swing of things soon,God willing <3

Saturday, November 14, 2009

happy saturday!

happy saturday to you all loves!
we have a birthday party today,i got my beloved sewing machine back yesterday,and I somehow have to study for an upcoming test.All in all not a busy weekend at all.

what are YOU doing this weekend?!

Friday, November 13, 2009

tu tu magic

So I was requested by the lovely ladies at The Neely House to make some tu tus for my booth.I decide to make one glorious Christmas tu tu ,to (ha) sit on display and make order forms so that I can custom make tu tus for the customers.

This thing is SO FULL it's just massive and amazing!!

Is it bad that I want to wear it?!?!

We have a pretty relaxed day today,i have to go pick up my sewing machine,from the sewing machine hospital,take the tu tu nad some more bows and flowers to my booth,and get an itunes gift card and blank cds (Im making Zoe's friend Joshua a mix cd for his birthday!) heres the playlist:
(sooooo awesome!)
1.Feist "1234,counting to 4" (sesame street version of "1234"
2.REM "Shiny Happy People"
3.Melanie Safka "Brand New Key" (Zoe's favorite song)
4.Sleater Kinney "Lions and Tigers"
5.Beastie Boys "Intergallactic" (joshua has an astronaut shirt and every time I see it I sing this song in my head :)
6.Lykke Li "Dance Dance"
7.Gorillaz "19-2000" soul child remix
8.Yo Gabba Gabba "jumpy jump jump"
9.White Stripes "We're Going To Be Friends"
10.Owl City "Fireflies"
11.Fall Out Boy "Dance DAnce"

Not in the order all the way but seriously how cool is this cd!?!?!I think it's perfect for such a cool 4 year old!!!
Have a good day <3

Thursday, November 12, 2009

love letters

The other day I had a bad morning,I was running late for class,I couldn't find my parking sticker to put on the car window,and everything seemed crazy.My mom watched the girls while I was in class and when I returned I found this:

My sweet mom helped the girls cut and color hearts for me!!

It made me a very happy mommy indeed!

Simple little surprises made with love my two of my favorite little girls!
What better mood lifter is there?!!?
What little things make you smile each day?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dont leave us yet leaves!!

The other day I promised the girls that they could play in the (TON of leaves that have accumulated in our side yard,it started to get dark,and I still hadn't taken them out,so...I let them go out in the late after noon to play in leaves?! lol They still had fun,even though it was getting dark.

Little Amelie all bundled up!! Isn't her outfit the cutest?!She is wearing Zoe's old skirt and tights I have always loved that little outfit!!

Zoe swinging in near darkness ha!!

Such gorgeous colors,I have truly been amazed at some of the gorgeous trees I've been seeing around town.I want to be a little squirrel and collect lots of lovely piles of leaves!!

So happy it's

"FALL" (can you see it in the leaves?!)
I hope you all are enjoying your fall days! We are warding off sickness in both the girls(although it doesnt seem to be working too good) WE have had doctor calls and visits for both girls in the past few days.I have a list a mile long of things to do,and I am having day dreams abut Christmas decor!!!Have a good Wednesday Little A.korn readers!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday. I learned that I am very awesome.
Here is my ROCKING booth

i definitely had THE BEST set up there.
Sadly I didnt do anywhere near as well as I thought I would.I will not go into all the details (because this is my blog and I want it to be a happy ,fun,creative,colorful,positive space!,but here are some bits and pieces from my awesome set up.

I have started making a few tu-tus to bring to the neely house Christmas cottage,however I'm not sure if they will be the ones I actually have for sale.I also made little order forms so that I can custom make each tu-tu.I think this may work better,and am very excited to finish my work and bring it all down to my booth.
Here's a close up of all the awesomeness...

This experience was bitter sweet,like I said I didn't do the business I thought I would,but on the same hand, I achieved a goal from my list of goals for myself this year.This has only made me want this oh so much more,I might re-open my etsy,or even get Kevin to help me on getting a website running.I know my stuff is awesome,I also know that it is different and people don't embrace difference right away,but I predict that this time next year I will be rocking the sells and laughing at the pure silliness of yesterday :)
Anyway one more pic....

To make myself feel better,i have started cleaning up and re-organizing my craft studio space and making it happy once again(it was very cluttered and chaotic after the past week)
I have also been working on a few new ideas for dear little a.korn's a peek for now...

Yesterday I also took my poor broken sewing machine in to get fixed,if it can not be saved Kevin has promised to get a new one for me :) (I'm sure this will qualify as an early Christmas gift) Im excited to start on the new ideas I have. The little A.korn train shall not be stoped :) YAY!!!Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!