Friday, November 20, 2009

little a.korn excitement!!!

Last night I got a call,It was Hope from the Neely House.They were having a party for Chamber of Commerce membersand I got a very important tu-tu order! A few minutes later she called back with a second order!!Squeeeeee!!!!! Im so excited I can't wait to start working.This could open a lot of doors for little a.korn!I am so thankful that God has given me such great opportunities! Hopefully Ill get lots more custom tu-tu orders before Christmas. Right now Im having day dreams of tulle and need to get to the fabric store ASAP.

ps,3339, thats how many times my blog has been viewed! hmmm..if youre reading, follow me! id love to meet some more great friends!!dont be shy! join the little a.korn party!!!


  1. Ah, that is awesome. Fingers crossed that you will be up to your neck in tulle come christmas!

  2. You should post a tutu tutorial (say that 3 times fast, lol) sometime!

  3. thanks guys!! im very excited!!

    edie,i would give a tu tu tutorial (lol) BUT this blog is on my business cards,and if my customers come to the blog and figure out how to make their own tu tu's then they wont have to buy them from me ...:(lol ill email you a tuturial ;)


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