Thursday, November 19, 2009

a moment for me...

Today I took a little break by myself.

With the sun shining I couldn't resist getting out and about a little,and it helped my mood a bit,although I had a headache my entire outing.Blah!
Nothing big, for about an hour or so I went to my favorite antique shop and back to Pier one :)

I found many things that made my heart almost stop!!!

I didn't buy these jars of pure magic...but maybe I will go back on a gloomy day to get them to perk me up?! OR maybe someone can tell Kevin these would be wonderful Christmas gifts for yours truly *wink wink*
I was on the hunt for boxes of vintage Christmas bulbs in red,silver,and white.No such luck this time but I did find many adorably Christmas items to make me smile.

I ended up walking out of the antique store with nothing,but i did head back over to Pier one and got this...

EEEEP two rolls of babushka wrapping paper!! BE STILL MY HEART!!! i KNOW its gorgeous right?!? I love love love little nesting dolls,and when I saw this paper the other day I knew I would have to get some! I have not a single Christmas present to wrap yet,but I have this great paper!!Thats the usual story right!?

On another note,I called the Neely House today to seee how my little a.korn booth is doing,and I got to talk to the owner,she gave me very happy news! She is taking ten of my clips to the local Holiday Mart this weekend! I am SO excited! i hope she sells them all! I REALLY wanted a booth at the holiday Mart this year,but alas,booth space is a wee bit more than I can afford right now...God willing maybe next year!:) But i see it as a huge blessing that she is taking some of my product along for their booth,hopefully more people will be interested. I really need some more local craft fairs to attend before Christmas,but haven't been to lucky in finding any.Any one local reading,if you know of anything ,shoot me a comment or an email and I will be forever grateful.

Thats all for today,Im ready for the weekend,i have no plans but for some reason the weekend just sound marvelous.


  1. I think I would feel quite lost to go on an outing all by myself, but it would certainly be nice!

    Old mason jars filled with buttons and thread are beautiful things to behold. Vintage buttons would be fun additions on hair bows!

    Adorable wrapping paper! I hit up Wal-Mart after Christmas last year and am now waaay overstocked on wrapping supplies. It's hard to resist clearance priced stuff!

  2. it is a very strange feeling i always feel like i should be holding someone or some little baby hand lol

    oh those jars!!!i wanted them ALL ! they would be cool additions to the bows!! oh maybe i should get clearance paper this year too !!!


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