Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Craft Space

So, after my review board meeting Friday at school I will officaily be done with my first magical semester at art school &hearts Naturally the first space I decided needed cleaning in my tornado ravished of a home was my craft space...) heres a peek at some cute corners of where I like to create :)

Shelf of cute stuff. (the music box was given to me when I lived in California as a child by my aunt Pat, I love it to pieces!) :)

Pretty wire tree.

Feathers on my pretty pink tree <3

Im so happy to have my little space all fun and fancy! This semester it looked like a war zone with books, papers, paints, etc thrown all about. Im sure it wont stay this pretty with two little kiddos running about that like pretty shiny things just as much as their mommy, but it's enough for now to spark my creativity.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

House building the new fangeled way...

So for the past few years we have had gingerbread house building time, when the Christmas season begins. However, this year, my December has been full of getting last minute assignments ready,and studying like a mad woman for the last few weeks of this semester. So, I was pleased when I found a foam gingerbread house making kit at the store! Last year, my sahm self would scoff at the idea, but this year, my sleep deprived, coffee drivin, student mommy self said "hey thats a BRILLIANT idea!!" So, judge me not :( Zoe and Amelie got a thrill out of sticking the shiny foam dots all about the house

(as soon as dear ol mom figured out how to put it together properly) (some things never change..I usually have a miserable time trying to get the gingerbread panels to stick together too?!)

(and yes Amelie added all those bows to her hair ALL by herself oh me!)And the result, was a pretty pink inspired gingerbread house of sorts(that little ones are unable to pry candies from and eat in secret in their rooms) leaving parents to wonder "where'd all the gum drops go on the gingerbread house?!"

School is coming to an end,and we are getting back into the groove of making things for fun, not for deadlines or grades,and things are starting to resemble some normalcy *knock on wood* because these last few months have truly tested us to no end.
I hope everyone is having a warm, safe,Christmas-y weekend with lots of cookies and coa coa and hugs and kisses...oh a a little shopping too!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, what better way to step back into my little blog than with a big ol' post of little a.korn craft goodness?!
I am gearing up for the Memphis College of Art's Holiday Bazaar! And I'm also re-opening my Neely house booth!! So I'm going to give you all a sneak peek at all my adorable goodies! And yes I will be re-opening my etsy soon! (See told ya it was good new all around!)
ok here's the goods!

EEEP!!! Aren't they adorable?!?! These lil' cuties will be at both my Neely House Booth and at the Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar. (Nove. 19 at 6pm-9pm) And Nov. 20 10 am-3pm)

And another new goody to the world of little a.korn, handmade soap! I've been making soaps for a long time now, so I decided to see how they do in my shops.

I'm also very pleased to have lots of cute new styles of felt hair clips. Of course I always design with little ladies in mind (both old and young) These clips can go in little girls hair,or be clipped to their mommies jackets or their grandmother's purse!
I hope you like all the new things I've been lovingly working on! There's many many more cute things coming from the world of little a.korn! I'm very happy to be back at my little blog! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I know there are tons of craft festivals going on! If your work is going ot be in a festival,show or bazaar, etc. this weekend drop me a comment and let me know I'd love to see what other creative souls are cooking up for hte Holidays!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

JOVANA SARVER: "Bridges and Balloons" by Joanna Newsom

my life is crazy right now. But this song..... is calm and pretty and joyful...I'll get back there one day....and I'll update my blog soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what I've been wearing (and what the gals have been in!)

So Zoe and Amelie often sit on the sidelines and watch Kevin take all my what I wore pictures. Recently, they have decided to get in on the act so heres my outfits from the past few days and Zoe and Amelie's!

tights-tj maxx
leopard flats-maurices
necklace-made by me'

shirt dress-tj maxx

belt-kids belt from rainbow
necklace ht

i wore this to church Sunday.
skirt-idk its SOOOO old
tights-tj maxx

close up of my felt flower.

dress-vera wang for Kohls
boots-steve madden
felt flower clip made by me for little a.korn designs

Now for the kiddos outfits!!! :)

shoes-idk gift from my aunt :)

t-shirt-thrifted (gift from my BFF)

EEEP!! ok I'm totally biased but jeez they're cute!!
I really love fall clothes! Way more than Spring/ Summer stuff, i like tights and layering and such its so great!!!

Falling for Fall

Here's just a few photos I've taken of Fall all around my little world &hearts Enjoy!

(and yes in that starbucks cup is my first pumpkin spice latte of the season!)
Fall has got to be my favorite time of year And I love living somewhere where the seasons actually change! I have so much planned for Fall I can;t stand it! Zoe's birthday is coming up, and our schools craft fair is next month! Not to mention, Halloween,Thanksgiving,pumpkin pies,chili,soups,and after Thanksgiving day sales! Oh my goodness I'm getting giddy just typing about all this stuff!!! I hope everyone is having a great Fall so far!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

saturday inside.

happy saturday loves!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The K4 went hiking....oh my!

If you knew me in "real life" you'd know I don't spend much time outside unless Im planting stuff in my garden or outside in short bursts. I've never been camping,and the last time I went hiking, I was a little kid in yeah. When Kevin asked if we could all go hiking , my first thought was..." I can't wear a dress hiking...what will i wear?!" ...yeah I know..But after a bit I thought it might actually be fun,and since Kevin would be there I wouldn't get attacked my any critters (and oh yes we saw PLENTY "critters" on our hike!

I was a little afraid that we would get lost...I even thought of tying little red ribbons to trees to help us get back...LOL ...yes I'm serious!

But there were plenty of signs telling us where to go so it wasn't an issue,that and Zoe's friends dad is the park ranger and if all else failed we could just call him on the phone!

We also had a handy map. So with the getting lost situation under control, we were ready to go!

Zoe and Amelie were utterly THRILLED to go on a hiking day trip! They could run and be as loud as they wanted! What more could a kid ask for?!?!?

And as you see, I solved my dilemma of what to wear and actually wore...shorts!
Kevin even got in the picture taking mood and sharpened his eye, which came in handy when he spotted the SNAKE!!!!

All in all it was an amazing fun day and we are even planning a CAMPING adventure of sorts soon!!!