Thursday, September 30, 2010

The K4 went hiking....oh my!

If you knew me in "real life" you'd know I don't spend much time outside unless Im planting stuff in my garden or outside in short bursts. I've never been camping,and the last time I went hiking, I was a little kid in yeah. When Kevin asked if we could all go hiking , my first thought was..." I can't wear a dress hiking...what will i wear?!" ...yeah I know..But after a bit I thought it might actually be fun,and since Kevin would be there I wouldn't get attacked my any critters (and oh yes we saw PLENTY "critters" on our hike!

I was a little afraid that we would get lost...I even thought of tying little red ribbons to trees to help us get back...LOL ...yes I'm serious!

But there were plenty of signs telling us where to go so it wasn't an issue,that and Zoe's friends dad is the park ranger and if all else failed we could just call him on the phone!

We also had a handy map. So with the getting lost situation under control, we were ready to go!

Zoe and Amelie were utterly THRILLED to go on a hiking day trip! They could run and be as loud as they wanted! What more could a kid ask for?!?!?

And as you see, I solved my dilemma of what to wear and actually wore...shorts!
Kevin even got in the picture taking mood and sharpened his eye, which came in handy when he spotted the SNAKE!!!!

All in all it was an amazing fun day and we are even planning a CAMPING adventure of sorts soon!!!


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