Saturday, December 11, 2010

House building the new fangeled way...

So for the past few years we have had gingerbread house building time, when the Christmas season begins. However, this year, my December has been full of getting last minute assignments ready,and studying like a mad woman for the last few weeks of this semester. So, I was pleased when I found a foam gingerbread house making kit at the store! Last year, my sahm self would scoff at the idea, but this year, my sleep deprived, coffee drivin, student mommy self said "hey thats a BRILLIANT idea!!" So, judge me not :( Zoe and Amelie got a thrill out of sticking the shiny foam dots all about the house

(as soon as dear ol mom figured out how to put it together properly) (some things never change..I usually have a miserable time trying to get the gingerbread panels to stick together too?!)

(and yes Amelie added all those bows to her hair ALL by herself oh me!)And the result, was a pretty pink inspired gingerbread house of sorts(that little ones are unable to pry candies from and eat in secret in their rooms) leaving parents to wonder "where'd all the gum drops go on the gingerbread house?!"

School is coming to an end,and we are getting back into the groove of making things for fun, not for deadlines or grades,and things are starting to resemble some normalcy *knock on wood* because these last few months have truly tested us to no end.
I hope everyone is having a warm, safe,Christmas-y weekend with lots of cookies and coa coa and hugs and kisses...oh a a little shopping too!!


  1. Can I love this idea? Cause I totally do. :)

  2. Hi Adrienne, I too love these little foam houses although I have no small kids. I've been purchasing these houses for over 10 years and can find different ones at Target, JoAnn fabrics, Michaels Arts and Crafts, Hobby Lobby, and Wal-mart. One day when I have the space I would like to set up an entire Christmas village with small pine trees and fake snow. By the way, I glue mine with Aleenes tacky glue and insert small Christmas lights or battery tea lights through a hole I cutout in the back of the house. There are so many ways to get creative with these houses.
    GOD Bless, Rebecca


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