Wednesday, November 18, 2009

oh YES I DID!!!!

Ok well,not yet,but im thinking about it...what you ask...

decorating for Christmas!!!

I went to Pier one today,and came out with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head!! ha! I wanted to wait until the day after thanksgiving to decorate with the girls,but Ive had such a crappy week so far,I want something to pep up the house and my mood...I dunno I might just day dream about all the things I want to get done for now ,and look at all the lovely images posted across the blogs ,so I dont spoil the fun for the girls lol. That and I still don't feel 100% better yet :( These pictures were a few of my decorations last year.:)

Maybe they will help you get in the Christmas spirit too! Anybody else itching to decorate?! Anybody decorated yet!?!?!?


  1. I just wanted you to know I am a follower of your blog, I have all my subscriptions private because well, my profile page looks like i have absolutely no life when there's 20 blogs on it... haha!

    I haven't even really thought about christmas, minus the girls christmas gifts! i am seriously just trying to MAKE IT to thanksgiving ;)

  2. lol look at my list! i have no life haha!!! oh and i tried to comment on your blog but it wouldnt let me?!? :( thanks for following! im so happy youre blogging again!! i will have to mail you a christmas card this year!!

  3. So weird, that's happened to me before too. What does it say? I want to fix it if i can.
    Don't quite completely understand blogger yet, hah.

    I have to mail you something as well, but you know what that is! Nick is off tomorrow, maybe it is a day for a miracle! <3

  4. I plan on keeping my Christmas decorating to a minimum this year, just the tree and a few things here and there. Packing up bunches of Christmas stuff while only a few weeks away from my due date just doesn't sound too fun! And what if she comes early!? We'd still have Christmas decorations up on Valentine's Day!

    Kim - I tried to comment on your blog, too. It doesn't do anything when you click on Post a Comment, and there isn't a comment box.

  5. I haven't decorated yet - but we have been thinking about getting our first tree for our house! We didn't have room last year (we've only lived there 2 years), so I'm pretty excited! I can't wait to make ornaments for it :D

  6. Kim yeah it's like Edie said,you click the comment bar and nothing comes up :( after awhile blogger gets easier,i still miss LJs easier format sometimes though lol and tend to use some of their cuts on here !! ha!

    Edie,oh my goodness I completely understand!! plus with all the excitement that little baby might get too excited like amelie did around christmas while i was pregnant with her!

    san,oh a first christmas that so exciting!!! i KNOW you will have such creative decor i cant wait to see! making ornaments sounds so neat!!!


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