Sunday, November 29, 2009

hip hop christmas joy,and our tree :)

one of my fave christmas songs!! "oh my god an ill reindeer!!!!!" (SO COOL lol) that has got to be the best christmas lyric ever ha ha !!!
zoe and kevin totally approve this song and run dmc...:)

ok here's our living room christmas tree...oh ah :) i still think i need more still on the hunt for a package or two of vintage ones....but its still nice and cozy and stuff :)

semi side view...

close up shiny ornament goodness...

with the lights off

YAY christmas trees!!yay run dmc!!!! have a good night! i think we will go have a mini family dance party now!!! <3


  1. run dmc and christmas trees, nice! you're making me feel all festive hehehe :)

  2. It looks great, especially with your red sofa! The huge photos of your girls are awesome, too!

  3. thanks guys!!!
    melanye, yeah get festive! listening to all the christmas music makes me much more festive!!

    edie, thanks! yeah our red couches help every year...hmmm which is now making me question the pink and neon green combo i want to do next year?! lol we'll see!! oh those big pics! i love them,although amelie's needs major updating! she was only a few days old in that pic!!


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