Sunday, November 29, 2009

a little bit of Christmas ...

Friday Zoe and Amelie looked on while i made this wreath...

So pretty!

The colors I've decided to use to decorate this year are red,white,and silver...BUT I over heard a lady talking the other day about lime green ornaments....oh....maybe next year,I'll do lime green silver and pink.....:)I want to make a felt wreath and a tinsel wreath at some point too.And I saw on HGTV yesterday how to make a square wreath!! I may try that as well. Im so excited about decorations this year. Something about Christmas decorations just makes me so giddy!! Have a good Sunday!
We are about to get ready for church.


  1. Truly lovely. What an eye for color you have. :)

  2. ha!! omg i LOVE you now :) thanks so much i was scared to show this i thought it looked good,but there are so many nice ones ive seen my pales in comparison!! thanks SO much!!!

  3. Sophisticated!

    Flower arranging just isn't my thing, but thankfully my mom is awesome at it!

    There's a restaurant here in town that has done their Christmas decorations in lime, aqua, hot pink, and silver and it's really cute!

  4. thanks so much!!! some people are REALLY good at wreath making i just got lucky ha! oh thats were i got the idea! i went by the neely house to take a tu tu order in and they had garland around the door with hot pink ribbon and silvers and lime greens and some aquas too!! SO cool something very different! im trying not to go and change everything out for this combo lol


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