Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday. I learned that I am very awesome.
Here is my ROCKING booth

i definitely had THE BEST set up there.
Sadly I didnt do anywhere near as well as I thought I would.I will not go into all the details (because this is my blog and I want it to be a happy ,fun,creative,colorful,positive space!,but here are some bits and pieces from my awesome set up.

I have started making a few tu-tus to bring to the neely house Christmas cottage,however I'm not sure if they will be the ones I actually have for sale.I also made little order forms so that I can custom make each tu-tu.I think this may work better,and am very excited to finish my work and bring it all down to my booth.
Here's a close up of all the awesomeness...

This experience was bitter sweet,like I said I didn't do the business I thought I would,but on the same hand, I achieved a goal from my list of goals for myself this year.This has only made me want this oh so much more,I might re-open my etsy,or even get Kevin to help me on getting a website running.I know my stuff is awesome,I also know that it is different and people don't embrace difference right away,but I predict that this time next year I will be rocking the sells and laughing at the pure silliness of yesterday :)
Anyway one more pic....

To make myself feel better,i have started cleaning up and re-organizing my craft studio space and making it happy once again(it was very cluttered and chaotic after the past week)
I have also been working on a few new ideas for dear little a.korn's a peek for now...

Yesterday I also took my poor broken sewing machine in to get fixed,if it can not be saved Kevin has promised to get a new one for me :) (I'm sure this will qualify as an early Christmas gift) Im excited to start on the new ideas I have. The little A.korn train shall not be stoped :) YAY!!!Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


  1. Aww I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you thought you would. Your booth looks amazing and I love the gumball machine full of goodies! I also love your use of wooden blocks. Very nostalgic! You're stuff IS majorly awesome and it will sell...just keep going :) I hope you'll reopen your etsy or have a website because I have lots of pregnant friends who are going to need cute stuff for the future!! ;)

  2. Your set-up rocked. Sorry the sales weren't there. It's so hit and miss when it is only one day. I love the gumball machine and the blocks.

  3. Your booth looked so cute, and I love the mini bunting you had draped across the front! I can imagine that the first few times you work craft festivals would definitely be learning experiences. Hopefully you can take all that you learned, and make the next time around even better! One thing that I would suggest (as an attendee of a lot of festivals, not as a seller as I haven't done that) is that you should build your stock so it looks like your booth is just overflowing with goodies that will entice folks to come and look. And offer items in a range of prices - a good bit of smaller inexpensive items, mostly mid-range priced things, and a smaller amount of higher priced items so you appeal to people of all budgets. I was at really nice indoor craft fair yesterday, and that seemed to be the ticket with the booths that were filled with customers!

  4. thanks so much gals!!

    melanye,i am def. gonna get the etsy up and running again,i will have some unique little onesies in the shop as well perfect for wee little babies!!

    Dee,thanks so much,yeah festivals are weird (and i had no affiliation with the place I was at so i think that turned some people off?!) BUT my other booth is rocking ,and im working on other items,tu-tus,shirts,and onesies!!!

    thanks so much!!i really like your suggestions and am going to bring a ton more bows and flowers to my booth and i have also lowered the prices!!

  5. I love the hairclips and am always on the lookout for new ones for my daughter. I usually buy them from Etsy. If you start selling yours online, please let me know. Especially love the rose/flower ones!

  6. Very cute stuff - definitely keep trying at your business! It takes time, and with cute products like yours I'm sure you will do well! :)


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