Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dont leave us yet leaves!!

The other day I promised the girls that they could play in the (TON of leaves that have accumulated in our side yard,it started to get dark,and I still hadn't taken them out,so...I let them go out in the late after noon to play in leaves?! lol They still had fun,even though it was getting dark.

Little Amelie all bundled up!! Isn't her outfit the cutest?!She is wearing Zoe's old skirt and tights I have always loved that little outfit!!

Zoe swinging in near darkness ha!!

Such gorgeous colors,I have truly been amazed at some of the gorgeous trees I've been seeing around town.I want to be a little squirrel and collect lots of lovely piles of leaves!!

So happy it's

"FALL" (can you see it in the leaves?!)
I hope you all are enjoying your fall days! We are warding off sickness in both the girls(although it doesnt seem to be working too good) WE have had doctor calls and visits for both girls in the past few days.I have a list a mile long of things to do,and I am having day dreams abut Christmas decor!!!Have a good Wednesday Little A.korn readers!!


  1. Love the girls' matching jackets! It's been raining and raining here so we're going a bit stir-crazy being stuck inside. I'm hoping it will dry out soon so we can play in the leaves, too!

  2. Your girls are beautiful. Glad they enjoyed the leaves.

  3. Edie,omg my mom got them those little jackets!!i love all the color! ph i hope the rain stops for you guys soon :( maybe you could make some paper leaves to play with!!

    Dee Dee,thank you so much! well they had fun ,but im sure they wanted to jump in them...but that would be a little much haha!!


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