Thursday, February 4, 2010

new tattoos

So I know I keep saying I am going to show my new tattoo but I never have,so here we go...
Two weeks ago I went to visit my lovely artist Jeff at HIS brand new shop. We planned on adding a phonograph to my left arm to start working on some sort of sleeve of "awesome"
Here's the little beauty right after I left the shop...

No where near as painful as it looks. lol
And heres a "better" pic (Im too lazy to take a real picture of it, so for now mac photo booth shall suffice! )

The other tattoo at the top of my arm is "lenore" a comic book character by Roman Dirge.
At first Jeff just added the phonograph but then he went back in and free handed some background for me because he is awesome. I may go back to get some m0re work this weekend...the bug has gotten me again,after 4 years of not getting tattooed,I think I need to catch up! Maybe I will do a post to show my other work,but I dunno. So there you have it! :)


  1. looks great :D I haven't had a tattoo in a while. I really want a sleeve but I'm not sure what I want yet...

  2. yeah thats why i took so long cause nothing really grabbed me but now i have a flood of ideas!!!


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