Monday, January 4, 2010

random post(lots o pictures)

My life has been a whirlwind's some pics....

typical me...any given day...text text text text lol....

Hello down there!!!!

Two of my BFFs!!!!(conchata and nicole)love love love these girls!!!(never mind my strange wide mouthed face?!?!)

Zoe's so cool in my shades and all bundled up!!!<3

it's so cold here,dont be fooled by these pretty pics!!

Me geeking out with thee lovely macbook<3

and yes that is a hot pink christmas tree next to me :) It's the only sign of Christmas left in our home! (it was my display tree at the neely house) I've been using it as a night light teehee.

Zoe heads back to school tomorrow Im excited and so is she!!She will get to see all her pals and have some good playschool fun! Speaking of school,I changed my major this morning,a rather bold move on my part,I switched from Education,to English.I have a very strong desire to teach college English one day,but until I get my masters degree I will teach middle or high school English.In high school I took an extra semester of Advanced Placement English just so I could read more this seems like a good fit for me.I'm really trying to enjoy my last few days before the semester starts back and I go into school overdrive! But to tell you the truth it's so very cold here I haven't been doing to many wonderful Earth moving activities! Amelie's second birthday is Friday!!I'm still making her little owl invitations. We were gonna have a hige bash for her,but I think we are just going to have close family over instead.Well there ya go...lots of un related pictures and a small window of what 's going on in little a.korn land


  1. my Nathan went back to school today. he was super lovey when he got home. I think he missed us!

  2. awe!!!so sweet!! it feels weird with her going back! it seems its been forever since she was there!!

  3. love your outfit in the top shot. cute!!

  4. thanks so much! that is my "i have not washed clothes does this match?!" outfit!! teehee

  5. i have those purple sunglasses too! :D

    great pics and yes it is freeeeezing, isn't it!?

  6. oh i looooove muh sunglasses its supposed to snow tonight yay yay


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