Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dont go to sleep! get up get up GET DOWN!!!

So,as you all know we have to kiddos.Zoe is 4 and Amelie will be 2 Friday! Like most whee ones,they like to stay up as late as possible and milk mom and dad for as much fun as possible right before bed.."one more story please?!" "read it again!" "i need some juice" " i have to potty" " is that a monster?!?!" "are you sure, cause I think it's a monster" "will you lay with me" ...and on and on...Last night they did the old "it takes 2 hours to clean up our tiny room....really" routine.So that lasted forever I finally got them bathed,and was about to put them to bed but...OOPS!! I left my i pod playing. Some super fast aggressive punk song was blaring (perfect for bed right?!?!) yeah....lol So Zoe and Amelie decided to dance around the living room a bit.At first I insisted they stop and go to bed,but then Kevin came in and well....an all out dance party ensued!!

We danced for the longest,had a wheel barrow race,and did some couch jumping.(well Zoe and Amelie couch jumped,Kevin watched and I took pictures for your amusement)

This party lasted MUCH longer than or pre Christmas dance shind-dig with my BFF Conchata..
click here for that very fun dance party action!
After a while dancing and games turned into couch and table jumping...by this time we (we REALLY being Kevin and I) were exhausted so we convinced the girls to go to bed!

Oh the Dance Party InSaNiTy!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you are wondering just what we were cutting a rug to...
Black Kids...you can't listen to them and NOT dance seriously!!!

check out their web site and listen for yourself here!

Today was spent cleaning out the office/studio space I mean REALLY cleaning! Boxes and bags of junk have been removed,and a little paint has been applied to a wall....it's a brand new spiffy space! I can't wait to create in!!Maybe I will take a few pictures of it!

We are patiently waiting for snow in our little town,the wind chill today was TWO AHH so cold! I don't really want to get out of the house for much!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed our dance party bed time shinanigans!!!Have a happy night!!


  1. so cute! i want my own craft area. my corner suuucks. but! you've motivated me to clean/re-organize it. i want some cubbies!

  2. oh my goodness it feels like a new room!! im ready to make some stuff!!!

  3. fun fun fun!!! never heard of black kids...gotta check them out on their name alone, lol

  4. omg they are soooo good and yes saying "i really dig black kids" raises a few eye brows lol


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