Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long time no post...(the snowed in version)

This is our whee little house(awe) Notice anything?!?
That's right!!SNOW!!! For those of you that don't know we live in the South(Tennessee to be exact) Now I have friends and family that live in East Tennessee and they get snow often.But we live in West Tennessee where snow is ALWAYS a big event!!
We got a good 5 to 6 inches of the lovely icy mix!

So we have been stuck inside ALL week. But the snow didn't come until Friday. The rest of the week (and even now) my dear Zoe and Amelie are sick with coughs and ear infections :( It is safe to say that cabin fever is in full effect for us all!!! But at least this is the view out the windows...

So while the nursing the girls back to health,I have been inside STUDYING. Quite like a mad woman really!! I took my first online test for my video Geography class(how neat is that?!) I made a B ...I only missed three wasn't an A but at least I didn't fail. Now I know what to expect from the tests and will know what to study for the next test and Ill hopefully pass the next tests with flying colors.
In the middle of studying Geography I have been reading stories for my English Lit. class.I must admit I am struggling my way through one story and took a break from reading! Yeah lol to read "Candy Girl" by Diablo Cody. Ha!! Big difference.I finished it in a day,while I am still struggling through exerts from "The Story of the Stone" for class tomorrow. ????
However it's not been all sickness,cabin fever,and studying madness around here.In a brief moment of feeling better yesterday,Zoe, Amelie and I trugged outside in the (ice covered) snow,for a better view.

We didn't stay too long because it got way to cold for sickly little ones,but it was indeed fun while it lasted!

I hope everyone is staying warm,happy and safe this weekend! I'm off to ,nurse sick children,study and read some more and enjoy all the lovely views.


  1. Wow yall got a lot. So pretty!! Hope the girls feel better soon!

    congrats on that B too ;)

  2. oh i love snow! its such a treat here lol!! thanks love!! youre so sweet <3

  3. your home is so cute, i want to see pictures of the horse that lives out back! how is he enjoying the snow? =P

  4. oh my gosh he sometimes wears a coat lol i didnt see him when we went out (he belongs to mr.smith our elderly neighbor) i have pics of them i should post sometime lol


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