Thursday, August 27, 2009

what is that picture?!?!?...our ode to amelie

It has occurred to me that people may wonder what exactly my tiny little user picture of myself and the girls is . Well,as I've mentioned before my youngest daughter is named Amelie. And yes,she was named after my favorite movie. We originally had a different name picked for her and Amelie was going to be her middle name.But one night Kevin looked over at me and said..."Amelie is such a strong name,we should let it be her first name." So that night we finally decided (a month before her birth) that our little bun in the oven would be named "Amelie Sky" <3 The movie is a favorite as I said,it always makes me smile,and gets my creative mind going.

SO my user picture is the girls and my, "ode to the movie amelie" We got bored with the rain one day and I remembered this image from the movie:

So I decided what would be better than to make our own masked photo booth picture?!

These really our some of my favorite pictures of us! they are even on our fridge (as one of my pet peeves are refrigerators with tons of stuff on them (you know magnets paper etc) I just thought this was a cute simple thing to add to the fridge

So there you go! Now everyone knows what the heck that tiny little picture is all about! Have a good day!!

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