Friday, August 28, 2009

class is (almost) in session

Zoe and Amelie have never been to any type of preschool. When Amelie was a baby Zoe and I would have mini "school sessions" we would learn numbers letters shapes colors etc. However once Amelie became mobile our school sessions became shorter and fewer.Now we don't do too much.A few things here and there (lots of art projects) But those are usually wild too because of the age difference in the girls. So we decided that Zoe could go to "school" this year. Her actual school is only two days a week for three hours a day. Last night they had the parents meeting. uh...I signed up to help with EVERY party they will have...(i told you I LOVE a party)I think Zoe will like the interaction with kids away from us and her sis for awhile. So this is yet another thing to add to the girls long list of things they do each day,but i don't think she will mind! We are excited for our little girl and look forward to her first day of school soon!!!!

In other news,I got the thumbs up on the second of three craft festivals i want to do this Fall/Winter. I'm so excited!!! I need to go get some more felt and hair clips and start sew sew sewing away. BUT I also need to finish zoe's birhtday invitation construction TODAY,that way when it's closer to the day I wont have so much stress to finish them.Sheesh I'm gonna be one busy mama soon,between fourth birthday party planning,sewing hair flowers and making hair bows,planning class parties and school,craft festivals......goodness,I need a nap just thinking about it (yeah right)

Any way I hope everyone has a good weekend! We have a symphony picnic to go to tomorrow afternoon I'm so excited!!!

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