Wednesday, August 26, 2009

saving flowers and thinking about early fall...

The days are shortening,and each morning when I wake up it's very cool outside. The tale, tale signs that my favorite season (Fall) is on it's way! While watering my (many) flowers around the house yesterday,I noticed that some of them were starting to wilt (maybe it was the lack of water lol), or maybe it's because of the cool mornings we've been having)So I thought,that since all the flowers were so pretty this year,I should definitely take a few last photos before it's too late.
Here are the flowers in our pretty garden box!
This is the same garden box,I gave instructions on how to make on you can see the instructions here:our garden box and directions to make your own!

A few more pretty close ups of all the garden box splendor!(le sigh)

Pretty welcome greeting you at our front door.

And last patio flowers!

Planting and taking care of all these pretty flowers was a great activity for myself and the girls! Kevin built our little garden box for us,so all in all it was a family affair! Next year I think we are going to do veggies in the garden box and plant flowers all along the fence,we shall see!
I hope all these flower images brightened your day,and
urge you to get outside and enjoy the last days of summer!

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