Tuesday, August 25, 2009

another day outside

I love play dough......really I do! It's so bright and fun,and I played with it a lot as a child.

BUT now I feel the need to call my poor mother and apologize for the HUGE yucky play dough mess I'm sure I left in her carpets!!!

The girls really wanted to play with the magic stuff yesterday ,all I could think about was the mess in the carpet. We intend on getting hardwood floors in the living room next year,but for now there are carpets,and play dough looooooves carpets,and I don't have the patience to get it all out. So I thought to myself, let's take this all outside!!

Great idea!! The girls cut and pulled,they pretended to cook,they had a ball!!!!

And this time if the play dough fell on the ground...well... we just left it there!! Pure fun for the girls no clean up for mommy!!! So I guess play dough is one of the things from child hood that must be explored;and I must admit,it's not that bad.


  1. I know, its the most genius toy afther lego!!
    Did you know you can make your own clay?

  2. ello!!! yes its a great toy!!! we love legos around here too!! my husband has boxes of all his old ones. the girls love to play with them!!
    yes we have made our own in the past. it's on our "Summer list of things to do" but ive been a bit lazy,maybe we'll try some this week!
    ps your blog is lovely!!

  3. Wow!! You are definitely a cool mom. Your kiddos are so lucky to have someone to create all of these wonderful things with :)

  4. oh my you're o sweet!! you should tell zoe and amelie that when they tell me i'm horrible and fall to the floor in fits (teehee) and um your "spark" blog great!!! im adding it to my favorites list!!!!


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