Monday, August 24, 2009

pretty princess picnic ...

Saturday the weather was glorious...I however was in a foul mood. Since it was such a nice day out I felt that it would be a huge injustice to not take the girls outside to play. BUT I had been such a meany all day, I wanted to do something special for the girls.
A few days back I was looking at the girls "Madeline" book and was very inspired by these pages.
Madeline is having a tea party with a circus elephant!!(how cute!!)

So I got an idea...I dumped all the girls dress up clothes onto the floor and told them to pick out their prettiest princess frocks! Then I set up some art supplies and cut out some princess crown shapes.

While the girls colored away on their princess crowns,

I made special princess snacks,and berry tea.
I had a few cupcakes left over hat I made for the bake sale at Keivn's work,so they were perfect! we also had heart shaped and flower shaped peanut butter finger sandwiches,and celery sticks.

yummy! food fit for two little princesses!
Once in the backyard,we laid out our pretty blanket,and started out princess tea party picnic of sorts!

We sipped tea out of the cutest (tiniest) little tea cups!

We chatted,giggled,and shewed away bugs.

three cheers for princess tea party picnics!!!!I'm ready for another one!!

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