Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy 2011!!!! A picture post from the little a.korn family to you!!!

So like many parents without babysitters or spouses that work odd shifts , we spent our NYE at home. Kevin had o go to work later in the night . So I decided to have a "party" with Zoe and Amelie . I set up a "photobooth" got a bunch of silly props, had balloons, snacks,noisemakers, etc. We had a blast.....

so much fun!!!

Strange love lol

(check out my awesome new baby fawn tattoo:)

Zoe and Amelie wore their dressiest dress up clothes!

Zoe also decided to go with her wild "my mom really did brush my hair,but i messed it up look"

My two best friends <3

Big glittery mess of pretty!
So I know I've been slacking on the blog toward the end of last year, but life happens,it is'nt always perfect and it gets insanely busy,so I took a bit of a blogging break. But I sill kept up with all my lovely blogs that I find inspirational and they truly lifted my spirit through rough times. My goal in 2011 for "Little A.Korn" is to bring it to great new heights! I have many ideas in mind that are in the works for expanding the blog,gaining more loyal followers and selling my brand. I look forward to a new year of dreams becoming reality, with my family by my side.
So, happy,

from our family,



  1. Happy new year, Adrienne!! you and the girls look absolutely lovely!

  2. eeeeek, that fawn is awesome!!! I cant wait for not being preggos anymore, my feet are next on my list! ;-)

    xoxo Trine

  3. happy new year, adrienne! this is the most sweetest post! i think i will have to steal this idea and make my own photobooth in the coming weeks. what a fun way to spend your NYE <3

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  5. Thanks ladies!! Oh my goodness the feet were the worst!! But totally worth it haha!!

  6. awe!!! thanks! (by the end of the shindig whee little Amelie was naked) so you KNOW it was a good party right?!


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