Thursday, January 13, 2011

are YOU a Barbie girl?!

So when I was pregnant with Zoe, Kevin and I swore she would never play with Barbies.When I was a little girl I played with Barbies,tons of them.I never got any weird complexes, because of Barbies ill proportioned body,but when I was pregnant with lil' Zoe bear, the idea of her playing with such a prim and proper prissy doll seemed...stupid.

Fast forward,two kids later,and a trip to my mom's house one day two summers ago...this is what our living room floor looks like most days...

Covered in plastic some clothed some un-clothed ...barbies! I'm not really even upset about the fact that the girls play with these dolls,to tell the truth they spend more time coloring and painting or making up things to play than they actually spend playing with barbies.

And in all actuality, it's not as bad as my 21 year old self thought it would be.

And I must admit,I do like playing barbies with them...but shh don't tell my angsty teenage self that!
What about you mom's and dad's? Do you let your daughters (or sons) play with Barbies? Are you in fear of them becoming..."Barbie Girls"?


  1. I was most definitely a Barbie girl when I was little! I played with them tons, but it was tempered with plenty of other types of play like Zoe and Amelie. If playing with Barbies gave me any complexes, I'm not aware of them! I plan on letting my daughter have Barbies, too. The thing that bothers me (I see it with a couple of my little girl cousins) is how young they are when they start becoming obsessed with Barbies, and the sheer amount they have of them. I think I got my first Barbie when I was around 5, and I remeber being frustrated even at that age trying to dress her. My big brother helped me a lot which I'm sure he just loved! I'm sure relatives will probably give Sylvie Barbies long before she's ready for them, but I plan on holding out for a few years.

  2. hahaha, even though its so 90s, I still loooove this song!!! ;-))

    xoxo Trine

  3. haley and cameron haven't taken to barbies much. they would much rather dress themselves up! i wasn't much of a barbie girl either, i did like polly pocket though!


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