Monday, January 17, 2011

A-Thrifting I will go

Ever since I was in 7th grade, I have been in love with thrift stores,antique stores,and vintage stores.The idea of getting some of the neatest stuff for a sometimes super low price was very appealing for me in my young age,and the older I got, the more the thrill of the hunt amongst all the "old" stuff delighted me. As a thrift shopper I have gone through different "phases" When I first began vintage shopping I like to get old floral sixties dresses (looking back these were truly ugly frocs) an I thank my dear mother for allowing me to go browse trough racks and racks of these neon colored dreamy dresses,and even further,allowing me to wear them to middle school each day! I later fell in love with men plaid pants,I have always been a short,small in stature girl, so I would have to cut the hems off the [ants and rock them with airwalks and band tees.(this was my 9th grade look) Then I moved onto silly tiiight vintage tees,antique bubble gum machines,purses,etc etc. I am now in love with thrift store unicorns,owls,shoes,glasses,etc. I thought I wold share a few of my latest thrift store scores with you guys!

I literally squeeling in the middle of the aisle when i saw this cute little unicorn :) And it was a whooping 50 cents!!!

I got these cute little flats for $3.99 and I plan to wear them in Valentine's day.

These boots were a score from today,and they like the kick ass unicorn were another item that made me squeel in the middle of the aisle!

I also got this cute little owl today.There was a second one,but I left it for another shopper to bring home:)
I would LIVE to be able to go thrifting EVERYDAY but realistically I am able to go about once or twice a week.I don't always find anything, but the thrill of the hunt is what I really like! Another cool thing about the goodwill here is that I get a 10% student discount! Which, on 50% off days makes me get some stuff for practically FREE!!! Do you guys go to thrift stores? Or do you like to do online vintage shopping? What are some of your favorite sites or thrift store scores?

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  1. Love that love flats!
    Woooooow! You're so lucky!



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