Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

We live in Tennessee;it snows here,but not that much.So when the weather people say there's going to be snow,there's usually a mass panic of Tennesseans running to the grocery store in search of milk,eggs,and bread.I've never quite understood the logic in these three "essential" items...I mean when I'm at home I dont say "mmm I sure could go for a yummy cup of milk and a egg... sandwich?" I mean really people!! But anyway, the point of that mini rant was to say that we don't get much snow, so when we do schools close and kids stay home and play in the little bit of snow that gets dumped on us. In keeping with true Tennessee tradition, we did just that! Our yard was covered in a few decent inches of snow,

just enough to play for a while and make a snow man.

Although Kevin and I were freezing,we scored extra points with the offspring by trudging out into the wet cold morning to frolic in the snow.

And no your eyes are not playing tricks on you,Zoe and Amelie are dressed exactly the sam (we can thank my dear aunt for that)

Kevin and I looking utterly ridiculous in un matched ugly outer wear.YAY SNOW!
(also notice the Christmas decor still up on the porch,yes we have become "that" family. I guess after I post this, out of pure shame I will go take the decorations down.But I must say all the indoor Christmas decorations came down new years eve.(All except my mini pink tree that I keep here and there year round cause it's pink.

Look at that, super snowman action! I can proudly say we built our very first decent sized snowman!


I think he's pretty cute huh?


  1. so sweet! amelie and zoe look so smitten with their snowman!

  2. thank you! we love him too! and he's still standing!


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