Friday, January 7, 2011

It's that time again?!

Someone in our house is having her big girl third birthday tomorrow ...and it aint me folks! That's right! Whee baby Amelie turns three years old tomorrow! And guess what mommy hasn't been spending weeks,upon hours,upon sleepless nights planning for the big day...yep thats right; me. Zoe's third birthday took months to plan, I made everything for it and it was all perfectly planned.(Martha Stewart called just to tell me, I had her shitting bricks , it was so good) ...well...on one of those late planning nights,I dreamed she did at least. I admit I do have a theme in mind,and Kevin and I did make our shopping rounds today for all the party goods. The g-parents have been called to tell them I'll give them their invites at the actual party(ha!) and the presents have been wrapped. But for some reason, I feel like lame-o mommy numero uno. The un spoken pressure to have the PERFECT kids party is this blood written code in the school of moms. I mean where did this come from?! Why do we feel the need to have perfect parties for tiny little people that could care less as long as the actual party looks somewhat fun, the cupcakes are full of sugar, and the presents are cool. While the intentions of throwing "the perfect" party are all good, do we sometimes feel our children are forgotten and the quest to have mommy playground, play date bragging rights are all we can see?Not to mention shows like "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" "Tori and Dean" to name a few give us examples of moms spending enough money to feed a small country on one, one year olds blow out event make us feel as if we aren't doing enough. I'm not saying all moms should have trains that chug up and down the imported astro-turf lawn , conducted by a trained Rare Asian monkey to be a good party. /but how much is too much and how much is just enough for or beloved offsprings day of birth celebrations?
Ok...that's all I have to say about that, I have some streamers to hang and cupcakes to bake!

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  1. i am laughing really hard at the martha stewart part. hahahaha. happy birthday amelie!! (:


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