Saturday, December 19, 2009

toys....and other random things....

I am officially done with all Zoe and Amelie's Christmas toy shopping :) *cheers* I went to toys r us last night at 10 o'clock..crazy!!! i know insane-o right?! Well not really,it wasnt crowded like I thought it would be.So they have lots of new shiny toys to play with and Im sure they will be happy little campers with all their christmas loot.

Anyhoo,I thought i was getting sick earlier,I feel a bit better but then again I may just be kidding myself?! I still have a bit more to do for other peoples gifts,and I have to finish 2 orders,one tonight for bows,and one Monday for a tu tu order I just got today.(YAY) I am also trying to get some ideas together for Amelie's second Birthday party which is in like 3 weeks!!!!! yikes!! ok i hope everyone is having a happy weekend! Im done with my rambles :)


  1. I haven't even done ANY christmas shopping for toys, I bought the girls a couple skirts off Etsy, but Haley will be less than thrilled about new clothes, haha... way to go mama!

  2. oh goodness im blushing i felt so bad cos i dunno i have been so busy with other stuff this season i forgot all about their stuff ....huh lol but i feel better now...i just hope they dig their stuff!!


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