Friday, December 18, 2009

i LOVE this commercial!!!

I know all about the blogeshere people are upset, but then some people aren't, about this commercial but i looove it ! i think its the cutest!!! i want to go out and buy zoe and amelie a cute little gap kids outfits now!

what do you think about it!?


  1. You know what's funny? Me and my boyfriend were talking about the commercial the other day. He thinks the girls are dancing a little too much and too suggestive. My mind never even went there. I think it's adorable and the clothes are soooooooooo cute! They just look like little girls having fun to me *shrugs* I didn't know there was a ruckus in the blogosphere lol...very interesting...

  2. yeah i think they just look cute too?! i dunno lots of people on you tube were saying they were too suggestive ?! mmmm ok?! but whatever i think its cute :)
    ps glad to see ya back on your blog!!!!

  3. my husband has been walking around sing how cute are my boots are something like that lol

  4. lol yes that is my 4 year old favorite line too teehee:)


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