Friday, December 18, 2009

simple yummy fun...

hot cocoa is THE BEST!!! I really wonder how many cups we have consumed this holiday season?!?!?

We put warm milk in our hot cocoa (not hot water) I think it just tastes a million times better :)
And of course ya gotta have candy canes in the cocoa to stir <3

oh Christmas I will miss you when you are all gone :(

Im still running around getting last minute gifts finished up.The other day I got my second check from my booth at the neely houe ,oh what a pleasant happy surprise!! I have a few orders to finish for a lady a church, and some to give to my mom to take to her work, and hopefully Ill get a tu tu order or two in soon before Christmas comes... Other than that Im just running around like a wild woman of Christmas :) oh and I got an A in my class whoop whoop :)


  1. Congrats on your A!!

    I've been wanting hot cocoa with marshmallows, but my tastebuds aren't liking it right now! I think pregnancy hormones must be doing something weird to make it not taste good!

  2. thanks!! im nervous about next semester i was stressed with one class im taking three next go round,thn=en during the summer......5 eeep i wanna graduate this time next year so gotta do it i suppose ?!

    when i was preggo with amelie i didnt like any of my usual drinks?!


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