Thursday, December 17, 2009

princess power!!

Sunday after church Zoe,Amelie,my mom,my aunt,kevins mom, and I,all went to see "The Princess and the Frog"

I was very thrilled about this movie when I heard about it at the beginning of the year...or maybe even at the end of last year!!! (I think I saw a preview for it while watching a "Sleeping Beauty" DVD with Zoe (see we really like princesses around here!!) (we don't let the girls wear all the clothes and what not but we do love a good Disney DVD) :)

A Disney princess that looks like me!!wowweee!!!

When I was little to be honest, I never thought much about the fact that there were no African American Disney princesses?! I dunno I just liked the movies and my parents lovingly took me to almost all of them.I can specifically remember being a little girl living in Oakland and my parents driving to two movies theaters in Berkeley,CA to make sure I saw "The Little Mermaid" the day it came out in theaters. I can also remember racing around our apartment singing "just like ariel" at the top of my lungs each day afterward for about a month! ha (sorry mom and dad)

SO , I was not happy to take Zoe and Amelie to this movie just because the princess kinda looked like their mommy when she was all dressed up in pageants and her debutante ball(yes yes i was all that stuff in high get me started) :) BUT I was happy to take them to see their very first Princess movie(Amelie's fist movie period) and to let them know that all little girls no matter what color, race,religion,creed,ability ,background,etc, IS a princess :) I am very happy that all the women (that live in our town) in our family and that are a daily part of Zoe and Amelie's lives, were able to come to the movie with us too(because they too were princesses when they were little.:)

Now Zoe keeps telling me that "I am princess Tiana and Amelie is the froooooog"...hmmm not quite but she is indeed acting out the movie each day which I find amusing:) So,if you havent seen this little movie GO SEE IT! It's so adorable and by the end you see no color no race all you see is happiness,beauty,and love...the way things should always be any way...YAWN...goodnight ;)


  1. "It's so adorable and by the end you see no color no race all you see is happiness,beauty,and love...the way things should always be any way"

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Glad you enjoyed the movie, we were wanting to take Haley to go see her first movie but I chickened out! haha <3

  2. go!!!we went to an early show so it wasnt so busy amelie NEVER sat down she just kept dancing to all the songs!!


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