Tuesday, December 15, 2009

whee little candied home...

Saturday, we decorated our second ever ginger bread house!! Last year only Zoe and I did it,this year it was a family affair! Which meant Amelie eating more than she put on and taking the icing bag and squeezing it onto the floor...hmm...any way....
Gotta have a ton of candy (for eating and of course decorating too ha!)

Here we go...

Ack mass candy craziness!! (well not really but sheesh i get overwhelmed with stuff like this sometimes haha)

Everyone trying to help...

The finished product!!!
(is it weird that I think it looks yucky?!?!)

Well,things haven't been merry around here since last night,lots of drama,some tears,but joy does indeed come in the morning,as Zoe had her first ever school Christmas program :) I couldn't be a grump seeing all the little kids up on stage singing their whee little hearts out :)We have a kinder music party Thursday,then Zoe's friend Olivia is having a cookie party next Wednesday.After that I don't think we(the girls) have any more activities. I need to get on making some gifts and wrapping up a few.Thsoi semesters grades get posted Friday!!squeee!!! Im sure I have an A but we shall see!! I suppose that is all for now!
Have a good day! <3


  1. Love it! Kid's projects are better than "Martha" perfection any day! It looks like Amelie might be getting an icing snack in the next to last pic, haha!

    I bought a little Christmas village kit w/ mini-gingerbread houses that we've still yet to tackle. Me and the hubby are going to keep it to ourselves this year and decorate our houses after our little guy is in bed. We'll share next year. :P

  2. lol zoe found the box the kit came in and goes "oh no mommy we were supposed to make it like THIS!!!" but i assured her that hers was just fine !! yes kevin let amelie taste the icing(she spit it on the carpet!) oh that sounds like fun!! a nice christmasy date!!!


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