Monday, December 14, 2009

my 100th post!!! messy craft space...sounds about right

Ok so EVERY year at christmas time,my little craft space goes from cute and quaint to godzilla land!!!! AHHHH!
example #1:

an over all view of the chaos (and zoe) ...really?!?!what the heck is going on here?!?!? random presents laying about,wrapping paper ready to attack..NO space what so ever to put anything else(but im sure I will pile something up there !!!) Tu tu and bow orders hung sloppily on the inspiration bunting....good grief...but wait!! There's MORE!!!
example #2:

REALLY?!?!? wreath makign supplies on the floor,and open empty ginger bread kit house (that Zoe and Amelie decided to put some sort of stickers in) tulle in a bag,wrapping paper craziness,foot stool from the living room because there is no room no that there is a huge christmas tree in its place....good grief!!
I will attempt to clean this space up a bit today,and start making some Christmas presents,a tu tu , and the center pieces for Zoe's party tomorrow....ugh!!! I remember last year on Christmas day,we were talking to Kevins grandmother on the phone ,she said something that could only touch a crafters heart, "oh I remember when the boys were young our house looked like a factory from Halloween until Christmas , with all the projects i was working on!" ....le sigh, a woman after my own heart!!! Seriously, we ALL know that right?!? It's SOOO true! After she told me that I felt a lovely crafter connection with her!!
and lastly example # 3:

hot glue sticks,bows ready for clips that i STILL need to give to my mom to take to work,and no those tiny little scissors or not mine,yes thats right they belong to zoe,she decided to hide them there from amelie!? seriously this mess is out of control....good bye! i need to go tidy up...and make another crafty mess ;)


  1. I really should take a photo of my craft/seasonal stuff closet. It will make your chaos seem less chaotic! I just want to hide from it! And I cleaned off my craft table yesterday, but the sad thing is that it wasn't piled with craftiness because I've done so very little for a long time. Our house also explodes at Christmas with all the wrapping supplies scattered everywhere.

  2. oh you are so lucky you have a designated craft space... i have a designated craft living/dining room... haha. We all ought to post pictures of our houses out of sorts and have a big blog cleanup!

    Happy 100th post!

    I've been slacking again...

  3. edie, lol im sure its not so bad....wait(*looks over at mess*) maybe it is , that wrapping stuff can just take over cant it?!?! lol oh well, with all the christmas mess,i guess you know youre kinds getting stuff done right?!!? :)

    kim, oh its a whee little space but it makes me happy :) omg that would be so funny if all the craft blogs posted before and after pics!! i KNOW every craft space across the world is chaotic right now!! ha!


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