Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 coming to a close...

These last few days of this year,I want to spend times with friends,family,and making lists of new things to do.This past year I have met sooo many goals that I made for myself...Im a little in shock and numb to this fact.I told Kevin the other day that for the first time in a long time I am actually proud of MYSELF.I still have tons more I want to do,but I have the confidence now to pursue lots of dreams.Being a young mom I sometimes feel that I put a lot of my dreams and goals aside to REALLY try my best at being a mom. I feel that I have for sure proven myself to be an ok mom (I dunno for the real scoop ask Zoe and Amelie) I feel that at times I have lost myself,in the shuffle,this can be looked at,as both good and bad...I lost lots of bad habits (smoking clove cigarettes, not caring about other peoples feeling all in the name of being a "cool scene kid" ,wasting money on body modifications and random clothes and gadgets (although Kev and I still plan on getting more tattoos ) I dont feel the need to be so reckless with my decisions any more. One thing I do regret about things is that I seem to try to always fit into a "mold" of what those around me wish for me to be...I plan in the new year to just be me...I want to spend more time with my awesome friends that sometimes I dont even talk to for months at a time because im too"busy".....um....no ....not acceptable ANYMORE!!! To kick things off Im in the process of planning a weekend in the moutains with a few of my close friends,no kids no hubbies,just my friends and me...Im excited about this endeavor.Im also itching to do lots more traveling and this shall be a plan of mine in the new year as well.mostly I want to finsih school,create,live,and be happy..what are YOUR new years goals?!


  1. this was so delightful for me to read, it's nice to see that you've checked so many things of your list this year and I have enjoyed watching you complete these things too! An etsy shop, a craft fair, getting your things on display at the neely house.... so many sweet activities for your children... you need to give yourself a real pat on the back! I hope 2010 is the most wonderful for you, kevin, amelie, and zoe!!

  2. awe thanks kim!!!im a bit nervous about the new year but im sure it will be a fuuuun ride!!!


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