Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas cupcakes anyone?!

I made some cupcakes to relax my crazy mind today...

I colored some of the cupcake batter red to make red and white "candy cane cakes"

Then I frosted them and added crushed peppermints to the top...

I think we will leave some of these for santa instead of cookies this year ;)
cupcakes anyone?!

In Little A.korn Designs news, I got a very unexpected call today from The Neely House asking that I keep my booth for 2010 at a very special rate...I am OVER.THE.MOON with excitement God just keeps blessing my creative endeavors ,even if I really don't feel like I deserve so much...? I am truly thankful and feel so very blessed and excited for new things to come.

todays to do list includes:
*making cotton ball snowmen
*making salt dough ornaments
*wrapping the last of the gifts
*baking homemade brownies

I hope you are all having a very wonderful Holiday season,and I hope Christmas eve finds you joyus and happy.


  1. mmmmmmmmmm! looks delicious :D

    congrats on getting to keep your booth! i wish my to do list looked like yours lol. i've got to keep unpacking and find a place for all this stuff to go.

    i'd rather be eating cupcakes ;)

  2. ill save ya one lol or ill just eat it in your honor ;)

  3. eat one in my honor too! they look scrumptious.

  4. lol will do!! but the funny thing is ,i havent eaten one yet?! usually i eat 2 atleast :) maybe later tonight (when i dont have to share with the girls ha ha)

  5. Those look sooo good!! I think Santa will enjoy having a break from all those cookies!

  6. yes we talked to santa and he confirmed that he would definitely like cupcakes this year ha!!


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