Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday's best. (fun forts part 3!)

Saturday the weather was like this:

Friday night I promised the girls I'd build them a fort to sleep in, (You know our love of forts
However, Amelie fell asleep too early Friday night to get the fort built in time.But, in keeping with tradition for rainy yucky weather, I constructed a fort early in the afternoon for my dynamic duo:)

It was a bed side fort and it was very fun to make (I went all out on the lights,and mustered up some flags from various other times and events and viola! Comfy,cozy, kick back, style fit for two little princesses :)

No I aint fakin the funk on this blog NO WAY, I must fill you in on the real deal! After about ten minutes I decided to take ashower, (I mean the girls were in their super fly fort with not a care in the world right....? WRONG!!! As soon as I started the water, I heard them fighting over toys,yelling,crying screaming......yeah "THAT" type of stuff..So I yelled from the shower to stop whatever the hell it was they were fighting about and Kevin had to come in from playing his PS3 to regulate....hmm...yeah so much for magic forts huh?
Needless to say after dinner, the girls decided it might be nice to use the fort again,so I made a deal with them that if they cleaned up their room, they could watch a movie in the fort and sleep in it or whatever,so fun fort version 3.o round 2, went a little bit better:) Kevin hooked up my grandma's old teensy tiny tv for the girls to watch a movie

or some reason the Monsters Inc dvd wouldn't p;ay,so we kicked it straight old school with one of my gem of a gem,Pee Wee's playhouse dvds (say whaaaa?!)

It was a hit for the girls...and myself :)

So after all the fun fort day turned out to be pretty fun after all.
(All these pictures were taken with the iphone instagram app! If you're on instagram follow me! (there's a link through my twitter!)
I hope you all had a great Saturday and pushed all pitiful weather and stuff aside :)


  1. the fort is too cute! Looks like so much fun!

  2. it was a blast!!! i kinda want one of my own!
    adrienne K.


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