Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday What We Wore.

I haven't done a

Since the first one, so I figured it's time!
This is the Saturday we went out to eat ice cream at the old fashioned ice cream shop.There was a fun little caboose that was the perfect setting for our pictures so we had to snap a few. Sadly we didn't get one together because my tri pod died.BOO! :( Anyway,here we are!

Ok let me put a disclaimer ion the last picture, lol Kevin didn't know I was still taking pictures and his phone rang,(it was a wrong number) I thought it was a funny picture haha! (He's definitely not the lame ass that talks on his phone in pictures to look cool haha!)

Ok here it goes le' run down:

glasses-urban outfitters
flip flops-old navy

silver sequins head band-i made it
t hsirt-express
gold shoes-thrifted
purse-urban outfitters

shirt-gap kids
skirt-old navy
leggings-calvin klein
flip flops-gap kids

dress-old navy
t shirt-target
And that's it, short n sweet! :)
oh one last instagram pic cause it was too cute not to share

(are you steppin out?! click the link!)



  1. Love the pic of him on the phone. :) You all look great!

  2. love the caboose pictures! and your outfits too. do you dress the girls or do they dress themselves? haley is 3 and she is starting to get choosy about what she wears and it is driving me nuts... i love the creativity she puts into picking out certain things... but i dont like that she gives me lip when we are wanting to go out somewhere nice and she wants to wear her princess cape and crazy accessories haha. cameron is just too young to have any say-so in the matter, so atleast i've got that!

  3. elaine, lol i thought that was the funniest picture! thanks!
    kim, well, we often have clothing battles. Zoe doesn't min but amelie insists on wearing (the oddest things) I told them, when they get a bit older they can make up stuff to wear, but for now ,=et mommy be happy and pick ;)
    adrienne K.


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