Saturday, March 26, 2011

birthday shinanigans!

So our sweet friend Cres had her birthday a few days ago.(sorry about the picture quality I used my crappy camera and some pics are from camera phones WOMP!

Her and her husband Jay are good friends of ours,

(that's Jay on the left)
so even though we rarely venture out and about after dark, we made our way to her birthday gathering anyway.
Even though going out on the town at night (when music isn't involved really isn't our scene anymore,) it was good to see some old friends and celebrate our good friends birthday.

When you grow up, get married,have kids,etc(especially when you have kiddos) you really start to find out who your true friends are. Lately it's been hard to sort through who is a true friend and who just wanted to hang out and party (even if they are parents themselves) Jay and Cres aren't parents (well they have lots of animals) but they are truly great friends, they know how to have a good time, but they are also very successful, kind,are really cool people. The sweetest thing about the two is that they are in a (not so sweet death metal band together) But still how cute is that? All in all they are some of the few friends who are truly real.When you become a parent (especially a young "different" parent it can be hard to connect with people.That's a lot of the reasoning behind my "Mommy Has Tattoos Mondays" feature, to connect mom's that may seem a bit different and at times may feel isolated and at a loss for real connections. When half your friends want to party all the time and all the other moms are in khakis and are just down right dull,it's hard to find the right spot to fit. Luckily, I have some solid friends that aren't going anywhere,and luckily, I was able to weed through the super flakes!
Ok,enough preaching here's the run down of what I wore (the only decent quality picture ha!)

run down:
head band-i made it
purse-urban outfitters
belt-little kids belt from rainbow
and Kevins outfit (but the time he got ready it was dark to,so he had to snap an inside pitiful pic) (but he added some TRUE ART WORK to spruce it up HA!)

Kevins run down:
Okie dokie folks that's all. Happy Birthday Cressie!!

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