Friday, September 18, 2009

"photobooth" shoot #2 three little bunnies.

Zoe and Amelie LOOOVE bunnies!They have a ton of stuffed bunnies,some I've made some were gifts from grandparents and friends.They love bunny books like Peter Rabbit,and Max and Ruby as well.So I decided to have a fun round two with masks (remember round one?)
So much fun!
We got our supplies together and began to create cute bunny masks.I cut them out the girls added some dabs of crayon magic!

A few snips,and glue dabs later...So cute!

After the girls colored them ,t was time for our "photo shoo"t!! We decided that Amelie should be a sad bunny because she was being so stinky the whole time we were crafting!

It's been raining the whole week,which is what is prompting so much(extra) fun stuff around here.I really enjoy creating with Zoe and Amelie,even though it can take a LONG time and there are melt downs in the middle, but it's fun I'm sure they will remember all their lives.

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