Monday, April 11, 2011

oh HAAAAI Mr. SUN!!!

Friday I was in a FOUL mood, I mean seriously BAD. I was mainly pissed because our accounts are getting depleted because of my constant zooming up and down the highway for art school (an HOUR away) so yeah gas prices were pissing me off( I won't even tell you how much we spend a week on gas....),Kevin and I were bitching at each other and it was getting HOT outside, oh and let's not forget my allergies were freaking out like whoa....hmmm is that all...yeah I think that about covers....wait no, Zoe and Amelie decided that nothing I did was going to make them remotely happy,so they decided to scream ,yell, fight, bite, kick, and act...INSANE...until I had to say a quick prayer "dear God please help me to figure out something so I don't loose my mind...amen" I went rummaging through some cabinets looking for something...anything to do outside (I really despise being indoors when it's warm or hot, I just like fresh air I guess?) Then, there they were, little gifts from heaven....

Water balloons....PERFECT!! Zoe and Amelie could have a perfectly fair fight...a water balloon fight!!
Like most things involving a 3 and 5 year old it started out pretty fun

But by the last few balloons, it was kinda like this:

hmmmm..... So, we decided to fill up the old inflatable pool

and Zoe and Amelie had a great messy time,and we were all finally happy....thank you sun for shining on us that day!!!

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