Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy Has Tattoos Mondays! (version 8!!)

Yay! It's that time again:

Today's awesome artful mama is Jessica of Viva La Fam!

I met Jessica via tumblr. Her pretty camera tattoo caught my eye

(Isn't it the cutest?!) So without further babble from me, here's Jessica's interview!

Bio: Mommy, Wife, Career Woman. Mother of 2, So Cal photographer
Blog: Viva La Fam!
Photography: click here !

1. What do your children have to say about your tattoos?
. My oldest son likes my tattoos. Most of the time he is the first one to notice when I get a new one. My youngest son doesn't say too much only when they are fresh he says "ouwie?" lol

2. Since we're on the subject of moms and tattoos,what does your mom have to say about your tattoos?
My mom likes them actually. She thinks they are pretty. She wasn't too fond of me getting them anywhere visible but now that I have more on my arm, she doesn't mind it.

3. How do other un tattooed moms or parents react to your tattoos?
I don't get too much reaction from other parents. Hopefully no one is offended by my artwork, and if they are, then to each their own. I am blessed enough to have open minded family and friends who have kids my sons ages and were all really accepting of each other whether a mom has tattoos or not.

4.Do you ever try to hide your tattoos from your child's teachers,friends parents, etc?
No not really. They're a little hard to hide anyways. Especially when its hot lol.

5.Do you have any tattoos dedicated to your children?If not do you plan on getting any?
I have 3 dedicated to my children. I have a Yo Gabba Gabba Plex robot for my son Logan, and a dirt bike rider for my son Trevor. I recently just got a new one of a mama owl with two baby owls. I'm sure I will get a few more for them also.

6. How will you react if and when your children start getting tattoos?
I'm sure I will be right there next to them when they get their first tattoo. I will defenitly have a talk with them first though, and let them know the consequences of getting tattooed (I.E.- they're permanent, they're addicting lol, get something you will NEVER regret, and get something tasteful and not tacky). Once they get the lecture, then I'm all for them getting tattooed.

7.How did you feel about your tattoos during and after pregnancy?(I have stomach tattoos so that was interesting to say the least!)
Thankfully, I didn't have any tattoos change during my pregnancy, I'm sure mine would have been maimed considering I was as big as a house during my pregnancy lol.

8. Do you think your tattoos effect your child's social schedule (for instance Sam's mom doesn't really want Sam to play with your child because of your tattoos) Have you ever faced this type of challenge as a tattooed mom?
I have been blessed with amazing friends who are all very accepting. As far as new moms/dads go, for a person to not look beyond the art I have tattooed on me, they are missing out, because me and my kids are awesome! LOL. All kidding aside, It would be pretty sad though if someone didn't want their kid to play with mine because of my tattoos. But as I said before, to each their own.

9. Is there anything you would like to let those un tattooed parents that may judge you as a tattooed mom?
Don't judge someone by their outside appearance, chances are they are way more awesome then most parents lol.

10. Do you plan on getting more tattoos?
I defenitly plan on getting more tattoos. When money and time permits lol.

Jessica's art is truly beautiful!I don't know how anyone couldn't just adore her cute family and all her colorful pieces! Thank you SO much Jessica for letting me interview you and for sharing all your beautiful work with the readers!

As always, send an email my way,if you are interested in or know of an awesome mommy with tattoos who would like to be featured!!


  1. I love these posts, it's nice to see other moms with tattoos! I love the Plex tattoo, so great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. it's been a super fun project! all the moms have been GREAT!! and I love all her work it's so colorful and fun!! we have some more great moms coming up in the next few weeks!(including a good friend,who is a pioneer in the industry!) I super stoked!!
    adrienne K.


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