Monday, April 11, 2011

record shopping and antiquing with my bff

Ok I know I've been a lousy blogger as of late, but I've been having fun in the sun doing this and that and much more. So here in a whirlwind of blog updates I'll fill you in on our world as of late....
So my best friend Conchata,

has been my best buddy since about fourth grade. She's a truly lovely dear, who has a heart of goal and a stomach of steel.....(anyone who can put up with me for that long has to be some sort of bionic babe so yeah...) We have been trying to make it a weekly thing to get together at least once a week to do something so a few days ago we went to the antique store our friend Tim has his record booth in and we treasure hunted like pros.

Since Tim has set up his record booth in one of our favorite antique stores , we can kill two birds with one pretty shiny stone and hunt for rare junk and add to our ridiculous collections of records.

My love for old junk has been expressed at various times here on the ol' blog,most of the things I drool over I usually bring home with me,but sometimes there are just a few things I must leave behind,so that I have things to add to long lists of wishes...

At the end of our trip I ended up with some records...

I'm actually very happy that she isn't one for clubs and loud places (unless GOOD live bands are involved) and she doesn't really drink,so that's good for my liver too. It's simple, innocent, time that we get to forget all the drama and responsibilities we have for an hour or two,be best friends,tell secrets,talk major shit,laugh like hyenas at inside jokes no one knows or could ever comprehend if we told them,sing random songs,and be ourselves....
I truly adore getting to spend time with Conchata lately,even if I come home empty handed,having a little time away from the house is always a treat.(and kinda makes me feel like this):

Now,quick go text your best friend and set up a day for doing absolutely nothing and everything together:)

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